🧙 Multilingual Harry Potter Book Club 🪄 Home Thread

Welcome to the Harry Potter Book Club! :magic_wand:

We will be reading the first volume of the series together, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. You are welcome to read in whichever language you want, including those not yet supported on Natively. :slightly_smiling_face:

* This is the new translation which matches the audiobook.

Reading Schedule

We will be reading one chapter a week in the regular schedule, but if you find this too fast, there is also a relaxed schedule which covers half a chapter a week. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regular Schedule

Week Start Date Chapter
1 Apr 1 Chapter 1
2 Apr 8 Chapter 2
3 Apr 15 Chapter 3
4 Apr 22 Chapter 4
5 Apr 29 Chapter 5
6 May 6 Chapter 6
7 May 13 Chapter 7
8 May 20 Chapter 8
9 May 27 Chapter 9
10 June 3 Chapter 10
11 June 10 Chapter 11
12 June 17 Chapter 12
13 June 24 Chapter 13
14 July 1 Chapter 14
15 July 8 Chapter 15
16 July 15 Chapter 16
17 July 22 Chapter 17

Relaxed Schedule

Week Start Date Chapter
1 Apr 1 Chapter 1 (first half)
2 Apr 8 Chapter 1 (second half)
3 Apr 15 Chapter 2 (first half)
4 Apr 22 Chapter 2 (second half)
5 Apr 29 Chapter 3 (first half)
6 May 6 Chapter 3 (second half)
7 May 13 Chapter 4 (first half)
8 May 20 Chapter 4 (second half)
9 May 27 Chapter 5 (first half)
10 June 3 Chapter 5 (second half)
11 June 10 Chapter 6 (first half)
12 June 17 Chapter 6 (second half)
13 June 24 Chapter 7 (first half)
14 July 1 Chapter 7 (second half)
15 July 8 Chapter 8 (first half)
16 July 15 Chapter 8 (second half)
17 July 22 Chapter 9 (first half)
18 July 29 Chapter 9 (second half)
19 Aug 5 Chapter 10 (first half)
20 Aug 12 Chapter 10 (second half)
21 Aug 19 Chapter 11 (first half)
22 Aug 26 Chapter 11 (second half)
23 Sep 2 Chapter 12 (first half)
24 Sep 9 Chapter 12 (second half)
25 Sep 16 Chapter 13 (first half)
26 Sep 23 Chapter 13 (second half)
27 Sep 30 Chapter 14 (first half)
28 Oct 7 Chapter 14 (second half)
29 Oct 14 Chapter 15 (first half)
30 Oct 21 Chapter 15 (second half)
31 Oct 28 Chapter 16 (first half)
32 Nov 4 Chapter 16 (second half)
33 Nov 11 Chapter 17 (first half)
34 Nov 18 Chapter 17 (second half)

Discussion Guidelines

  • Spoilers should always be hidden using spoiler blur.
  • When discussing a specific section, please mention where you are in the book, ideally by chapter so people reading different versions have a clear point of reference.
  • Feel free to read ahead if it’s exciting, but please refrain from spoiling ahead of the appropriate week.
  • If you have a question about grammar, vocab, cultural things, etc - ask! That’s a welcome part of the discussion too, and other readers will be happy to help.


Will you be reading along with us?
  • Yes! :smile:
  • Maybe… :thinking:
  • No :cry:
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Which language will you be reading in?
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Other
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Which format will you be using?
  • Physical book
  • Ebook
  • Audiobook
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At some point I’m planning to read through the Korean translation of the Harry Potter books. It’s a series most people are familiar with, and it’s available in a variety of formats (physical, digital, audiobook), which is great if you wish to use the L-R method. Would anybody be interested in joining?

해리포터 | L30-34


This was originally a thread for Korean, but I’m repurposing it. :smirk:

The Harry Potter books are available in many languages, and it’s a series most people are familiar with. If there’s enough interest, we could have a multilingual HP book club that learners of any language could join.


I love your initiative at starting book clubs :smile:

I will say, we’re still a little light on users, so we may need to grow a little before we can have a proper book club. But if you’re reading harry potter, i’m happy to read along… it’s on my shelf!


Yeah, I’m not planning to start really soon, but I thought I’d make a thread in case any of the new users trickling in over the next few weeks were interested. :smiling_face:


If this club does start at any point, would it be okay if I read along in Spanish? It might be a while before we have a large enough userbase of Spanish learners, and it’s such a solid learner’s book for me (since I read my childhood copy to tatters) that it’d be a great opportunity.


We could have a multilingual book club for any/all languages. Since the series is so universal, it might make more sense to open it up to all Natively languages (and non-Natively languages!) rather than restrict it to one or two.

I wonder if I should move the thread to All Languages to see if others are interested. :thinking:


Couldn’t hurt, right? And if the club does somehow end up being Korean-only/99% Korean, it’s easy enough to move it back.


Done! Share your thoughts, people! :smile:


Noting to myself so I don’t forget: I marked Japanese as an interested language in the poll solely to do an audio-only listen through.


and so the “oh, shiny new book club getting in the way of my reading plans” ™ starts…


We lasted not even two full days into the new year. :cry:


same. :handshake:


Hey! I’m a WK forum user who’s only lurked around here :eyes: I actually just started the first HP recently in Japanese so would be happy to discuss in a club :owl: :crystal_ball:


I listened to the first chapter of the 1st book as an audio-book in Japanese (it was actually an anki deck) and I’m really feeling tempted to join the club now (I do have far too many ongoing book clubs, though)


If it helps, this (probably) won’t start for a while. There’s a ton of ongoing January book clubs, and I know bibliothecary is slammed.


I’d be very happy to join, but probably not for the next couple months. I just have way too many things to do, and bookclubs that will be starting soon. Plus, that would give me some time for my Korean to get better, so that this is less of a struggle. I already have the Korean version of Book 1 though.

I’d love to join in Spanish as well, since it’s been so long since I read the first book in Spanish and I don’t remember if some of the characters’ names change or not. And now I’m curious. It might also make reading the Korean book easier if I do both at the same time.


I’d join if/when you get through the first book and start the second one. It hasn’t been that long since I finished the first one so I don’t feel like reading it again anytime soon :rofl:


I’ve added a poll to the first post so people can vote for when they’d like to start reading. :smiling_face:


I’ve read all Harry Potter parts in German, and I absolutely love the series! There is not a single part that was boring in any way, and I will probably reread it some day, but in Japanese.

I’m not good enough yet to read it in Japanese, but I’ll be happy to leave my comments here when the book club starts!


Well it looks like there’s enough interest in holding a multilingual HP book club! :smile:

If you haven’t already, please vote for when you would like to start reading (poll is in the top post) - March is currently leading, so it’s possible we might be starting pretty soon! :sparkles:


We’re currently at a tie with April and March; think we’ll call it soon @bibliothecary?

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