Chapter 9 🧙 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 🪄 Multilingual 💬

Harry Potter lives in the cupboard under the stairs at his uncle and aunt’s house at number four, Privet Drive - until the day when a mysterious letter arrives from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and a giant on a flying motorcycle arrives to change his life with four simple words: ‘Harry - yer a wizard.’

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Week Start Date Chapter
9 May 27 Chapter 9

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17 July 22 Chapter 9 (first half)
18 July 29 Chapter 9 (second half)

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  • If you have a question about grammar, vocab, cultural things, etc - ask! That’s a welcome part of the discussion too, and other readers will be happy to help.


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¡Podríamos estar muertos…o peor, expulsados!

Love coming across the famous lines in another language!

There were some great words and phrases again this week in Spanish.

Hacer un papelón - to make a fool of oneself

Ala delta - hang glider

Trampilla - trapdoor

We also learned the handle of the broomstick is called a mango, seekers are buscadores and beaters are golpeadores.

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