Chapter 6 🧙 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 🪄 Multilingual 💬

Harry Potter lives in the cupboard under the stairs at his uncle and aunt’s house at number four, Privet Drive - until the day when a mysterious letter arrives from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and a giant on a flying motorcycle arrives to change his life with four simple words: ‘Harry - yer a wizard.’

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In the Spanish version when Lee opens the box on the platform, out comes una larga cola peluda. I couldn’t translate this initially - it didn’t help that peluda can mean “big hairy armadillo”! The phrase actually means “long hairy tail”.

I looked at the English where the same sentence says long hairy leg. Which makes a lot more sense as later in the chapter we learn it’s a giant tarantula.

A trading card in Spanish was called cromo in my translation. Apparently comes from the term chromolithography which is a way of printing colour images.

This was a very gentle chapter. Nice to meet Ron and Hermione for the first time, and I enjoyed Harry having both something to share, and someone to share it with, for the first time.




One odd thing I noticed in my Spanish copy was that every time the names Hedwig and Scabbers showed up, they were italicized. No one else’s names were like that. Surely it’s not a thing to italicize pet names in Spanish writing, is it?

Also, the translator of my version felt the need to explain what the name “Draco” was derived from, so they added a footnote… in his name. “Draco (dragón) Malfoy” :rofl:


I hadn’t spotted that but it’s the same in my version. Also Trevor at the end of the chapter.

That surprised me as well, I even looked in the English version to check it wasn’t there. I can’t imagine that English speakers are more familiar with the derivation of the name than Spanish speakers.

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