Audiovisual initial feedback and requests

I’m trying to figure out why I can’t grade the movie I watched on the airplane (which was about flying funny enough)

Maybe it’s something I’m not seeing through the mobile interface

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When do you plan on removing the (I assume) mandatory temporary marking for video entries, @brandon? Doesn’t really impact me, I was just curious.

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Yeah, I certainly could do that anytime… we’ve passed the goal I had in mind for number of gradings needed (10,000).

I think I’ll probably just wait until i’m done with stats and consider ‘v1’ finished. That’s just before i’ll be starting to promote it more heavily, along with moving to other features. I’m hoping that will be before mid june.


@brandon Something wonky is happening with this and is not being fixed by syncing. Is it because TMDB didn’t list a running time for the 9th episode or is something else?


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Hey all, mind giving some feedback on a new update mechanism? These changes are not live, just wondering your thoughts on the design.

  1. I’m going to add a plus sign next to the dashboard progress. Clicking this will quickly add episodes watched.
    Screen Shot 2023-06-10 at 3.26.52 PM

  2. I’m thinking of moving towards ‘finished episodes’ rather than ‘current location’ by default. So, the update progress mechanism will look like this:
    Screen Shot 2023-06-10 at 3.21.57 PM

  3. As you can see, you can still mark partial episodes by clicking the item below, which shows:
    Screen Shot 2023-06-10 at 3.22.07 PM

  4. If you currently are at a partial episode, then by default the update progress widget would start in the ‘partial episode’ mode.

  5. If you started in the partial episode mode and you finished the episode, you could toggle back to the ‘finished full episode’ or the current behavior of marking the number of minutes = episode runtime.

What do we think? @eefara I think you had some qualms about the current approach. All opinions are welcome :slight_smile:


  1. I will be showing 0 / (num of episodes in the season) on your dashboard when you start a TV season now, not 1… as that number would be finished amount of episodes now, not current location.

Yeah so it did update the episode runtime, just not your watch time. I’ll be changing that behavior in the future.