Audiovisual initial feedback and requests

Ah thanks. Fix is going out now :slight_smile:

Also I appreciate your brutally honest reviews, we need more people like you.


How is the romaji search currently handled? :thinking:
Searching for e.g. 幼女戦記 with Youjo or Youjo Senki currently doesn’t turn up anything, you have to search using Yojo (probably because of the Yōjo romaji?). Any way to allow for both? Got me confused for a bit :see_no_evil:

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There is another problem with the page for individual gradings. At times it shows the wrong side of the comparision.

For example for Another it shows that I graded something harder than it, but not what.

Also congrats on the smooth launch.


Hmm. I think that’s actually intended behavior. If you’re on a movie / tv season page, we only show gradings for that item… so we omit the name as it’s assumed. For example, on チェンソーマン S1 | L27 we don’t ever show it’s name in the grading section.

Do you find that confusing?

Thanks! Actually was a bit more chaotic than I had hoped for (the first hour there were some things not working). But it’s humming now, lots of requests :laughing:

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In the individual section, it’s not showing the name of what it was compared against, but the name of the show itself.


Congratulations on the release!

Since I’ve been recording what I watched without subtitles on my own thing, I’ll go back some and add my shows to have a base.

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Oh. Now I see. Will fix.

Thanks! And sounds great :laughing:

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Sometimes TMDB has weird opinions about seasons. E.g. I just added Ascendance of a Bookworm to the site and noticed that TMDB has it as just one continuous series despite having aired in three distinct series and being listed that way on their website. Are you going to stick strictly with their listing or can you manually split things up when required, and if so how should we go about reporting such issues?


Yeah, i’m perplexed that this is already seemingly a somewhat common issue. Like 2 seasons in the initial batch of seasons seeded had over 1000 episodes in the first season… because they just bunch all the normal episodes together and then the specials in a season 2.

I’ll have to wait and see how big of issue it is, but my impression is that we’ll probably have to do something about it. Especially Bookworm, as I imagine the difficulty increases.

While I haven’t thought about it much, it’d be totally doable to have an ‘override’ for season bucketing from TMDB. I just always want to be able to sync with them if needed, but I think custom season groupings would be possible.

Let’s wait and see though just how big of issue it is. Feel free to log a product request and more discussion can occur there :slight_smile:

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As someone who doesn’t stick to watching stuff mainly with or without subtitles, having to pick one of those as the “default” means I’m forever switching between the two when adding shows that I’m watching/have watched. Personally, I think the dropdown menu wouldn’t be too long if it included all four options for watching/finished with subs/no subs.


That’s good to know. I could also make it a double click? So you click ‘Set as watched’ and then the little popup shows two selections ‘set as subs’ or ‘set as no subs’?

I know inputting subs information is another step and it is one of the major things i’m looking for feedback on.

The default mechanism could be improved too. Maybe the little megaphone icon / paragraph text icon hovers above the menu to show the default mode and if you hit it it toggles to the other one. Idk, but i’m sure we can improve it :slight_smile:

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So I just added this series as Finished directly and I have contradicting information

Is it maybe because the episodes are not populated yet?


Alright, I marked it as finished because the title said S1 and I expected the S2 to not be there, I guess everything is S1.

  1. Also a suggestion not sure if it has been made, an option to hide the titles and previews by spoiler tags for the shows that are not marked as finished?

  2. Are the episodes not aired, put in a scheduler to grab information when released or a request has to be made to update it?

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Yeah, I think I need to improve the whole ‘create series and mark finished’ flow because the episodes aren’t initially populated. I’ll think on it.

  1. As for the spoiler tags, interesting suggestion. For the episodes, there is a preference to default showing or hiding episodes on seasons. Beyond that not really.

  2. I do not have super smart handling for this yet. Need to get it done fast though :sweat_smile:

Did your user item get appropriately marked after it was populated? I look to see if someone has marked a season finished and mark all the corresponding episodes on the hour ever hour.

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Some of these “watched episodes x-y (time)” things are showing numbers that are way too high

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oof yeah, good to know.

One of my top priorities is getting the tv stats calculations rock solid… i’m not certain but I think there’s some bugs in there.

I’ve very confident of the data input… its very well tested and seems to be working well. But the mixture of tv episode runtimes, user tv episode overrides on runtimes & multi-episode watch sessions is very tough to work with to get stat calculation right.

Will spend more time on it this week, thanks for noting.


In case anyone was wondering, the grading updater was broken all day because of a malformed grading that occurred right after I launched.

Just fixed and updated all the difficulty ratings :slight_smile:


It’s so jarring seeing the anime titles in Japanese instead of romaji. Not complaining as this makes sense of course, I’m just too used to how I have it displayed on AniList. :laughing:


Instead of Contributed X videos, maybe Contributed X shows?

It feels wrong to add a whole series and get credited ad “1 Video”



This series is missing a whole season, and I can’t seem to add them or find them.

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Alright, some actual feedback.


The book and TV icons are really hard to see on the background. Also, they should have tooltips (“title” would be fine) when you hover to explain what they do.

No reason to have the blur and “show all” when there’s just one episode.

Regarding the “one season” issue, 古見さんは、コミュ症です。 S1 | L27 is a good example. It’s “technically” one season, but split into parts 1 and 2. You’ll also see this for some seasons of Attack on Titan, Spy x Family, and probably many others, especially as split-cour seasons are becoming more popular lately. Personally, I’d like to see these split into multiple seasons if there was a gap in their air dates (as with Komi-san) because that’s how I (and probably many people) watch them. This is typically how AniList lists them, which should help you pinpoint the break-points when someone requests the change for a particular show. For me, this is probably the biggest flaw in the video system so far.


It feels unnecessary to always display “S1” even for single season shows. Could you remove that, but have the title automatically add the “S1” at the end if a second season is added?


Just a nitpick, but once the bigger issues get resolved this dropdown should really be styled to match the site theme better.

When will anime get alternate (e.g. English) titles for search? For example, searching for “attack on titan” returns the manga but not the anime.