Audiovisual initial feedback and requests

(I know I have this modified from the normal behaviour, but the point still stands)

The In Progress section needs some revamping. An easy way to tell shows and books apart, via filter and maybe icons next to the thumbnail. If you are watching a show and reading at the same, it can be very confusing.

Also, this was said earlier, but fixing the height would also help.


Similarly, in search it’s a bit weird to have to do two steps by expanding the season list when there is only one season. It’s also particularly inconsistent with how the site handles books with only one volume.


Congrats on the launch, @brandon! :tada: I’m looking forward to trying out all the new features! Just one minor point of feedback from me so far: I noticed in the genre filter section you’ve got duplicate genres listed:

I’m liking the new Request Item setup as well; it’s very slick!

Edit: One more piece of feedback. I see that movies don’t have a contributor listed when browsing the search page, so their add to library button is mis-aligned compared to the TV shows:

Another one: Clicking on the Contributor link on a TV show/movie does an automatic search on the Book search, not the Video search.


Oh, just saw you liked my post @brandon. I’ve been adding more stuff as I find it to my original post, but I’m afraid the new stuff may get lost as I add it, since, afaik, there’s not a new notification for an edited post, right? I’ll start trying to make separate posts if that’s the case.

Edit: Let me just tack this on here: are you filtering the TMDB search by language at all? The automatic add resource is really smooth to use, but is there anything stopping me/someone else from adding something that’s not available in Japanese in any way? Subs or dubs?


I only watched season 3 of Non Non Biyori and it shows up quite strangely in my list. :sweat_smile:


Also, why is there a “volumes” column? Should that say “seasons” instead?

Ok, a lot to respond to here. Just know that i am reading everything and noting down, but won’t be responding to everything :slight_smile:

Hmm, very strange. Need to investigate.

Maybe just for S1 single shows… but we may be fixing a lot of those, we’ll see.

They already do… just no one has requested Attack on Titan (surprising!)

Yeah probably. I’m not sure what exactly to do :confused: Can do the heigh for desktop but doesn’t help mobile.

Yeah I will probably de dupe at somepoint, just using the raw TMDB ones for now, good call.

I am filtering by language but you can still request a lot of english stuff that’s dubbed/subbed. Honestly I’m not too worried about it. People haven’t really been bad actors so far on Natively, perhaps in the future.

And having auto add is a major boon for me and for users, so it’d have to be a big issue to change it :slight_smile:

So yeah, this is kind of a slight issue. Basically the TMDB season titles are a mess. They usually just say S1/Season 1 or what not, but then sometimes they are all different titles of the different arcs. Basically, I normally add the series title to the season title if it’s one of a few standard names (S1/Season 1) but not in the other cases, leading to potentially sad stuff like that non non biyori.

Perhaps it does make sense to always add the series title, not sure. Good feedback though, all around :slight_smile:

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I can’t think of any examples where it would be bad to include the series title. After all, the season titles (when not just numbers) are subtitles. For example, season 3 of ご注文はうさぎですか is called “BLOOM”, and seeing just a thing called “BLOOM” on your list would be weird.


I’m seeing a bug where the rating stars don’t show up for individual parts of a show if that part hasn’t been rated:

I’m also seeing a strange blue L for the grading for some series; not sure what the common cause is:

(Also, there’s a 0 for the number of entries in that K Seven Stories entry when it should be 6.)

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What’s the recommended way of going about mistakes in the database?
I noticed the first 22 episodes (“sections”) of Shirokuma cafe are marked as 24 minutes instead of 12 how they should be.
I would guess this should be reported to TMDB directly and then be flagged for reimport here or is there another way?


Can we keep book and video gradings separate? I’d like to know that I have no book gradings available while having video gradings available, and also I wouldn’t want to do them at the same time if I happened to have gradings available for both.



Feels a bit odd to me that movies that are a part of a series aren’t included in the series page. (for example: ギヴン | L29 and 映画 ギヴン | L23, からかい上手の高木さん | L19 and 劇場版 からかい上手の高木さん | L23) I can understand if it’s not changed immediately, because it might not be supported yet to include movies and TV shows in the same series.

There’s a few issues with the authors/staff. Firstly, staff names for TV shows are typically in romaji, while for books, they’re typically kept as the original Japanese name (likely an issue with names imported from TMDB being in romaji).

Secondly, it always links to the search for books, even if it’s the staff for a TV show. This doesn’t make sense since typically it’ll display the show as being made by the director, who wouldn’t have anything to do with books/manga. Also combines with the romaji problem, because even for the staff that also have books/manga (e.g. original creator) nothing will show up because it searches for the name in romaji instead of in Japanese.

Thirdly, I’m not sure if this is an issue with other series too, but Hideaki Anno is listed twice for the staff for 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン S1 | L34.

Overall, the update is super cool and exciting, just a bit rough around the edges (as expected from a beta). This update will be super useful for me, because I’ve mostly gotten my immersion from anime.


Why is this an option if it’s not allowed? The tooltip already explains that it’s a separate status anyway.

(Personally I would have just disallowed this altogether… the site is for language learning. It’s not like you allow tracking English books either.)


Well, I watch with English subs on and just rely on them as little as possible. We each have our own methods.
That said, I still don’t like this option. Why do I need to specify subs? I’d like to just mark as watched, and have subs as optional info. Now that there’s an English subs option I feel I’d be lying if I didn’t choose it. :sweat_smile:

If shows watched with English subs can be compared to other shows I think there’s too big of a risk of skewing the difficulty ratings. It’s really easy to rely on those English subtitles quite a bit, even if unintentionally.

Brandon said it will be used to only allow like comparisons. If you watched something with Japanese subs you can’t compare it with a show you watched raw.

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That’s true. I don’t feel I can confidently judge difficulty as I’m watching with a crutch, so I wouldn’t even try to grade them, just mark them as watched.

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Brandon, there’s some quirks with how “specials” are handled. Let’s use からかい上手の高木さん Specials | L20 as an example.

  1. It’s listed as “season 4”, but the only special aired between seasons 1 and 2. So it’s a bit misleading. At a minimum, renaming it to “specials” on the show page would be an improvement. If there’s any way it could be put in the right order that would be a bonus.
  2. It can be risky to mark a “special” season as “finished” because if they add a new special it will be added to this “season”. So while these specials don’t necessarily air that often, it can cause some oddities for people who watched an earlier special and then a new special gets added.

EDIT: I guess more importantly, this will be a problem for seasons with split cours as well. For example, Komi-san season 1 part 1 aired and completed, so people will want to marked it as Finished and rate it. Then part 2 airs and suddenly people have the whole of season 1 still marked as finished but with more episodes than they haven’t watched yet (or may never watch). Are you going to automatically change people’s status from Finished to something else when more episodes are added? Seems like yet another reason to split the cours into individual seasons based on when they aired like AniList does.

Also, this bug may have already been mentioned, but I marked a show as “Finished” via the “you just rated this would you like to mark it Finished” popup, but it won’t remember that it’s finished. I tried setting it again and it doesn’t work.


Also, a bit of a nitpick, but in many cases I will never watch the specials for a show, so seeing 2/3 is a bit disheartening… (or I may just want to skip tracking specials on Natively since it’s so awkward.)


Wasn’t the “collapse series” button on the book page sticky before? Now it’s not remembering my selection and the one of the videos page isn’t being remembered either. Regardless of whether it was before, can you have it remember the previous selection? And importantly, remember separately for books and videos.

Forgot the rounding on the show page average score. :laughing:


How come the series is ゆるゆり but each season is Yuru Yuri? Seems to be ゆるゆり for the seasons at the source, so maybe a bug.



Why does the romaji return season 1 but the kanji returns the series page?

“Owned” strikes me as an odd status considering how common streaming is. At least for me, “Owned” and “Wish List” makes sense for books. But for video I just need a “Planning” status. Guess I’ll have to decide between “Owned” and “Wish List” for now.


Bug: Can’t edit the status from “Wish List” to “Owned” because it thinks the type of subs are required.

Another bug (maybe related to the other one about statuses not showing properly).


I’m glad for the book and shows filter on the global updates page, but could it please be made ‘sticky’ - I don’t want to have to click book every time I come to my dashboard. Atm I only want to see book updates in the same way as it was pre-update.


Two questions:

  1. Are there plans to allow for filtering of adult content? I’ve added R18/NC-17 things to the site but as of now there’s no way to avoid them if someone doesn’t care for that sort of thing. Thankfully most seem to have pretty blunt descriptions. I know this was something that came up when I initially asked about whether it was ok to add them.

  2. Thoughts on using any streaming affiliate programs to earn extra money + let people see where some of these shows can be watched?

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For the stats page, can we get an option to replace “minutes” with “entries” (aka seasons + movies)? For books we get to toggle between “books” and “pages”, so this feels similar to me. I just don’t track time, so minutes is a meaningless stat to me.

Also, the text at the top is a bit awkward. Movies Watched versus TV Seasons Finished. Also, what are “authors” for a TV show or movie?

Similar to the gradings, I’d like a clearer separation between in progress books versus shows.


Good morning everyone.

Alright, so again, just want to say if I don’t respond to you, don’t worry… I have a massive todo list which has listed every issue/request in the thread.

I would love it if you fixed it at the source, TMDB, yes. I’ve never attempted file a change there, so I’d be curious what your experience is!

Yeah I don’t know if we’ll ever include movies and tv shows together… we’ll have to see how common it is. We do have proposals for adding ‘relations’ notes between arbitrary things, MAL/AniList style. Perhaps that could be used ere too.

Yeah, i haven’t explored more if they have their contributors names in the original language, i’ll have to look again. I would like too.

So, I probably went overboard trying to stop people marking things watched with english as ‘Watched’. Adding a disallowed option really hammers home that something is not the right way to do something… not everyone reads tooltips.

As for why don’t want ‘Watched w English’ shows marked Watched, it is partially due to difficulty grading, but also it’s for clarity on the site. While you can certainly pick up some Japanese phrases/sentences with English subs, I don’t think you can call that as having “Watched in Japanese”. That’s my opinion at least…

But yes, I don’t have any issue with people marking things they’ve watched with English! I think a lot of people like to rewatch things they’ve watched in English. So I imagine it operates similarly to ‘Owned’ does for books… where it’s a slightly different category for things you’re planning to consume.

Also, as @omk3 mentioned, having an explicit status make it more likely that people do not mark thinks they’ve watched with English as ‘Watched’.

So, TMDB actually lists these ‘Specials’ series as series order 0. I chose to put them at the end, because putting them at the beginning was worst. We could certainly change the little ‘TV season #4’ to ‘TV specials’, might make sense. I could look at the release_dates and try to order them better, but I expect that TMDB treats some specials seasons as long running.

Open to thoughts on how that should be handled. At the end is at least consistent, but may get lost for shows with many seasons.

So, there’s no requirement to have all episodes in a season finished for a season marked ‘finished’. If they ever come back to watch that special episode, they can just toggle the episode watched (or edit in the additional options popup with the automarking).

Basically, I don’t think this is an issue. If Komi-san part 2 airs, then yeah, you’d have it marked 'finished even with a lot of unwatched episodes, but that’s ok. All the stats are derived from the episode data. And if you want to watch part 2, just move that season back to ‘watching’.

Regardless though, I do want to break up the seasons, would be nice.