Best way to track if rewatching?

I’m relatively new to Natively and was trying to see if there’s a distinctive way to track time if I were to rewatch shows? Functionally, what I would assume is that I would have to set the show/movie back to “Watching JPN Subs” and just basically redo the experience of tracking it in the first place, but I’d worry that I’d essentially be “deleting” my already tracked data and redoing it, rather than supplementing with data relevant to rewatching if that makes sense. Thanks!


There’s a product request open for re-reading which should also now cover re-watching.

Not sure how’s the status of that ticket as Data Manager was introduced, but I don’t think it’s fully implemented for rereads and rewatch, you’d need to ask @brandon for that.

There are some work-around suggestions on that thread, but nothing fancy, more like hacks until it’s implemented.


I’ve made a custom list labeled “re-read” (for books in my case of course), added the book to that list when I re-read it, then add a private note for the dates I re-read it. My hope is that when re-reads/re-watches are implemented, it’ll be easy to scoot them over.


@Triscutti I know this is a big issue for me as well! It’s one of the top priorities for the site, hopefully I get it added sometime in February.

I recommend you upvote the request @Megumin linked. I’ve updated that request to include rewatching as well (it would be done at the same time).

As for what to do for the time being, it’s really up to you. Unfortunately, we currently only keep one set of ‘watched at’ dates for an episode, so if you mark an episode unwatched and then watched we would end up deleting.

For partial completion tracking on episodes, movies & books (i.e. reading sessions, partial watch sessions), we do keep that data and could eventually incorporate into a future reread / rewatch feature. However, that data wouldn’t be counted towards stats currently, which you can see in the Data Manager.

I’m going to close this ticket as it’s a duplicate, but appreciate you logging the request!