Books translated into multiple languages

It can be easier to start reading books in the language you’re learning if you’ve read them before in your native language. Series are even better, as you get used to the writing and language used, so reading becomes easier as you progress through the volumes.

I thought it might be useful to make a list of book series that have been translated into multiple languages, along with their Natively pages. Please share your suggestions! :smiley:

Book Series

English Japanese Korean
Ascendance of a Bookworm 本好きの下剋上 (series) | L32 책벌레의 하극상 (series) | L30
Diary of a Wimpy Kid グレッグのダメ日記 (series) | L22?? 윔피 키드 시리즈 (series) | L20
Dragon Raja ドラゴンラージャ 드래곤 라자 시리즈 (series) | L35
Fairy Tale Assassin 〈メルヘン殺し〉シリーズ (series) | L29 팅커벨 죽이기 시리즈 (series) | L30
Harry Potter ハリー・ポッター (series) | L30-34 해리포터 (series) | L24-27??
Howl’s Moving Castle ハウルの動く城 (series) | L29 하울의 움직이는 성 (series) | L30
Isadora Moon イザドラ・ムーン 이사도라 문 시리즈 (series) | L15
Kiki’s Delivery Service 魔女の宅急便 (series) | L25 마녀 배달부 키키 시리즈 (series) | L25
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear くまクマ熊ベアー (series) | L22 곰 곰 곰 베어 시리즈 (series) | L30
Liliane Susewind 動物と話せる少女リリアーネ (series) | L21 동물과 말하는 아이 릴리 시리즈 (series) | L20
Magic Tree House マジックツリーハウス (series) | L20 마법의 시간여행 (series) | L15
Moomins ムーミンシリーズ (series) | L18?? 토베 얀손 무민 연작소설 (series) | L30
Peter Rabbit ピーターラビット (series) | L15 피터 래빗 시리즈 전집 | L10
Survivors サバイバーズ SURVIVORS 살아남은 자들 시리즈 (series) | L22
The Chronicles of Narnia ナルニア国ものがたり (series) | L30?? 나니아 연대기
The Enola Holmes Mysteries エノーラ・ホームズの事件簿シリーズ 에놀라 홈즈 시리즈 (series) | L25
The Lord of the Rings 指輪物語 (series) | L44?? 반지의 제왕 시리즈 (series) | L35
The Mysterious Sweet Shop ふしぎ駄菓子屋銭天堂 (series) | L24 이상한 과자 가게 전천당 (series) | L20
The Twelve Kingdoms 十二国記シリーズ (series) | L33-37 십이국기 (series) | L35??
The Worst Witch ミルドレッドの魔女学校 꼴찌 마녀 밀드레드 (series) | L20
Urban Tom & Sawyer 都会のトム&ソーヤ (series) | L26 톰과 소야의 도시 탐험 시리즈 (series) | L22
Warriors ウォーリアーズ (series) | L25?? 전사들 (series) | L20
Young Sherlock Holmes ヤング・シャーロック・ホームズ 소년 셜록 홈즈 시리즈 (series) | L20

Standalone Books

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I added The Little Prince but wasn’t sure which versions to add as there are several:

So I just grabbed ones at random more or less. Quite the range of ratings in Korean, though :sweat_smile:


Yeah, should probably mention that Korean ratings should be taken with a pinch of salt. The 어린 왕자 books are included in a lot of collections / publisher series, so not only are there several copies, the ratings are usually based on other books in the series. Should even out over time! :laughing:


Those darn publisher series eek!

Yeah it’ll be intriguing to compare and contrast the difficulty ratings as Korean evolves! I was just talking to @bibliothecary about very low level Korean books and Japanese ones… already might see some differences due to the existence of the very easy Tadoku - free series. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you will have fewer extremely high-level books as well, simply because of Hangul. Japanese books get bumped up a lot simply by weird kanji-usages that make the books hard to read.


Unless they go full hanja! :flushed:


well, if someone wants to read pre-war literature, it’s a possibility. :flushed: In which case it’s probably level 100 even for natives (at least for those born during the time where hanja wasn’t taught.) :see_no_evil:


I added Narnia but couldn’t find it on the Korean side of natively and there are too many options on yes24. :see_no_evil:


From the koreans I chat with, they do still learn hanja in school, but I’m not sure how many. From what I understand, even pre-war it was mostly nouns (?) that were hanja and still mostly hangul, but I may be lying.

All I know is praise be to King Sejong, blessed be his name. They even have a holiday here to celebrate hangul and the demise of hanja, truly wonderful.


There was a period of about 10 years starting in the 1960s where Hanja was completely banned (usage and teaching). I had a Korean teacher at university who didn’t know hanja because of that. Sometime in the 70s - if I remember correctly - it was re-introduced as a subject.

In a sense, it’s like celebrating cultural independence. :partying_face:


Looks like it’s about 1800:

한문 시간에 가르치는 한자는 교육부가 발표한 한문 교육용 기초 한자가 기준이 되며, 중학교용 한자 900자, 고등학교용 한자 900자가 배정되어 있다.

But I’d guess if you’re not coming across them regularly, it would be easy to forget them.


A true testament to the multilingual nature of this section.


So, just shy of the number Japanese kids learn :thinking: Interesting.


This comment made me wonder about the highest rating on natively… The highest overall which has a rating is ドグラ・マグラ | L52?? (level 52 :scream:). The next highest is unsurprisingly by Mishima Yukio :sweat_smile:


I’m not exactly sure how to add a book. But I know 動物園は大さわぎ! 動物と話せる少女リリアーネ and 동물과 말하는 아이 릴리 1 are a translation of the German series Liliane Susewind - Mit Elefanten spricht man nicht!


Added! German’s probably one of the next languages that will be added to Natively, so very appropriate. :laughing:

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