Bug: Amazon sync only captures first 10 volumes of series

Noticed this because I’ve requested several long series recently from Amazon for Japanese, and series with >10 volumes will consistently only have the first 10 volumes populated when the series is added to Natively. Using the Sync option to add more volumes doesn’t seem to work to add the rest, either; all of the series I’ve tried it for still only list 10 volumes after the sync is complete.

Please give an example. The one series I checked had 12 volumes.


@gillianfaith sorry I know you put in that feedback request for 烈火の炎 (series) | L24?? a while ago :sweat_smile:

Yeah, it has been a little buggy I think. @mic is right the more examples we can get the better though! If there’s some examples anyone knows, please list them


Thanks for responding! Here’s some of the manga series I noticed it on:


Possibly related: Bug: Series limited to 40 books :thinking:


Ok, this should now be solved! I did indeed introduce this but about 10 days back when I was optimizing this series fetcher process. I’ve gone through all the potentially impacted series and fixed them, so let me know if you see anything wrong.

It was actually a slightly different bug, but my solution does indeed fix this bug as well! :slight_smile:

I am now backfilling the books for that bug currently. Will post there when it’s done.

We’ve added… a lot of books solving this bug. Definitely over 1200 :laughing:


Thanks for fixing it so quick! :raised_hands: Glad both bugs could be addressed at once (: