Bug: Content navigation bar z-index loads over modal popups

When looking at a media overview page, the navigation bar for the media sits above any popup models from the page. For example if one clicks the “report tag” button on a book’s tags. Seems generalized with the “Add Review” modal also loading behind the navigation bar.

Open media page (https://learnnatively.com/book/2c1e37ec2e/)
Scroll down until the “about my stats reviews gradings activity]” bar snaps to top of screen.
Open a modal with “Write review”, “Report tag”, “Leave feedback” ect.

Trello link: (leave in blank)

It does it on mobile, too. Both desktop and mobile, if the item/series header is popped to the top, it overlays any other popup, including the search dropdown


Really appreciate the formal bug report @gomihito! And thanks @eefara and @enbyboiwonder for the quick notes.

I’ve now fixed this :slight_smile:
Closing request.