Bug report: Data inconsistency with episodes watched

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Episode watched missmatch:


Note that this is not only happening on this series, or that book specifically, but on more places.
They are just examples.

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Re: the manga - I think that’s actually intended behavior. The manga’s global pg (i.e. the one we all see) was created with a total page count of 176 - but individually, any of our editions might vary. The global page will still display the number it was created with, while allowing the specific-to-you page count to differ. The specific-to-you count is reflected in stuff like the dashboard percent bar, and I assume other stats.


so @lunacodes is correct, these issues are not really related… the books behavior is somewhat intended. Until we get better edition handling (hopefully happens sometime soon, needed for Korean), we need users to be able to specify their own total page counts. If there was an issue where you didn’t mean to specify your own total page count and wanted it to update when the book page count was updated, then that’s a separate discussion I think.

As for the episode handling, yeah that’s just a straight up bug.

So maybe it’s best to break up these requests, or at least just move this bug request to simply be about the episode mismatch


I don’t really mind if the page number thing is the intended behaviour, but it’s not very clear.

If I submitted a different page count, there’s no way in that page to see the number of pages I have submitted, without opening an additional popup editing, or looking at the graph.

I’ll split the requests.

Is this fixed with the Product Updates & Casual Natively Discussion - #960 by brandon update?

I’ve noticed it’s fixed, but I don’t know if it’s temporary or accidental, or was intended with that update as it was not mentioned.

Sorry, I should’ve mentioned this! I went through and updated any episode minute mismatches, separate from the recent update. However, that was a one time data sync, so the core issue is still not fixed. I think it makes sense to leave this bug open still.