Bug: Setting book to "stopped" removes start date

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Set a book as “reading” and include a start date. Then change the book to “stopped”. If you now open the edit popup again, the start date is not set. I have no idea if that’s just a visual issue or if the data has actually be deleted.

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Pretty sure the data has actually been deleted since when you start reading a stopped book again it replaces the start date with today’s date instead of the original start date

It is wiped. It’s not necessary to wipe it but then again i’m not sure how valuable it is to keep around. There’s some small nicety in only have start dates for in progress & finished books, but if there’s a want to keep the start dates for stopped books, we can.

As @meagstudies points out your start date is overridden if you ever resume reading the book.

Status of this request will be pending until we verify if we think it’s a problem or not.

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What about “hold” and “stopped” status being different?

Stopped being more like dropped and not planning to pick it up again.

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I’m really reluctant to add statuses without a very good reason… we already have more than you’re average tracking site. This seems like a small enough issue I don’t think it warrants adding another status, at least imo :slight_smile:

I agree, which is why you shouldn’t wipe the start date. By keeping the start date, Stopped can be used both as Dropped (permanently stopped) as well as Paused (temporarily stopped). Honestly, those two statuses on AniList have always been blurred for me (for anime). I’d sometimes use Paused for a series for months and then realize I’m never going to get back to it and move it to Dropped. (I use Paused for manga, but that’s different because AniList tracks entire series, not individual volumes. So I use that when I’ve run out of volumes I own, but the series still has more volumes. Not relevant for Natively.)

That’s my take at least. I’m not likely to use the Stopped status very often, so it’s not a huge deal for me.