Bug: Some progress updates missing in filtered view

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As mentioned above, some progress updates are missing in filtered view. The ones I’ve noticed missing are for full TV episodes watched.

Trello link:

Looks like your images aren’t working properly here in the quote, for whatever reason. Someone can always go to the original thread, but just wanted to mention it.


Interesting that the images aren’t working right.

Anyway, approved!


Checking the post source, looks like a discourse rendering bug.

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Posting another report for this bug: I noticed while checking out @Naphthalene’s activity:


Filtered by status updates:

Seems the filtered updates stopped at a certain point.

(I was looking at your profile because I saw you put エルフ王と愛され子育て | L30?? on your wishlist and it’s also on my wishlist. XD Wasn’t expecting to see that book pop up, haha.)