Bug: Unable to grade extra

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On recently finished items, such as 구멍놀이 친구 | L23 and 쇼콜라 Chocolat 1 | L22, I’ve only been able to do the standard 10 gradings; clicking on ‘grade extra’ just shows that there are no more gradings to do.


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I am experiencing the same issue. It’s affecting every show and has been going on for a couple of weeks now. I think that it started right after I edited one of my gradings, but it’s been a little while so I can’t remember for sure.

I am still able to do the normal amount of initial gradings for new shows, but after I finish the initial gradings I am not able to grade extra.


To add to this, I’ve come across some that I haven’t been able to grade extra directly but the have appeared while I’ve been grading other books.

For example, 이게 뭘까? | L13 shows the grade extra button but won’t let me grade, the same as the ones above, but it has appeared in other comparisons, which raised the number of gradings from 10 to 18: