Can't update first episode using '+' on dashboard

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When a TV series is set to “watching”, I’m unable to mark the first episode finished using the ‘+’ button on the dashboard. This only seems to apply to the first episode; subsequent episodes are able to be updated using the ‘+’ button.

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Mentioned previously in relation to Updating by full episodes doesn't update activity/stats.

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So, this looks like a weird issue on how you marked this show ‘started watching’… it should list ‘0/8’ not blank ‘/8’. When I try to reproduce this it correctly marks it 0/8.

How did you mark this show as ‘watching’? Was this just after you added the tv show to the platform?

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It’s been sitting on my wish list for a while, I only marked it as watching yesterday. I think I used ‘open additional options’ on the item’s page: marked as ‘watching’, set subs and start date, clicked ‘update’.

I’ll try it with another show to see if it happens again.

eta: Same thing happened with this one, following the steps above:

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@bibliothecary is this still happening?

I couldn’t reproduce yesterday.
Mind you specifying where are you selecting it as watching from?

Just tried it with a couple of series, and it seems like it’s been resolved (although it’s still showing “Ep /16” rather than “Ep 0/16”)

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Thanks for checking!

To @brandon:

Is that intended behaviour or should be logged as a display issue?

This is still happening - I don’t know if it was fixed before, or I just didn’t notice it for a while. :sweat_smile:

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