Updating by full episodes doesn't update activity/stats

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Not sure if this is because the episode length was updated after being marked watched, but missing data like the examples above.


I can’t seem to reproduce this one either, but I’m pretty desperate too as it seems to be hitting a few people, like @mic

Does this happen only after you add a tv show?

This seems interesting…

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I usually use the ‘+’ on the dashboard, and I’ve watched several series over the past few weeks, but when I filter my activity to progress updates for videos:

The series I’ve watched in that timeframe:

So there should be updates for 100+ episodes. :thinking:


Some more context:

From the stats page, some episodes are obviously being taken into account, although not all - the dips in July and the week 8/7 are definitely missing a lot of episodes.

These episodes did appear in my activity feed, but not on the item page (and only episode 1 included minutes watched)

I had thought it might have something to do with the missing episode lengths, as I had to add that info to TMDB for 브레드 이발소 and 페파 피그, but the other series already had that info to begin with.

Doesn’t generate watch sessions, either - shouldn’t a watch session automatically be generated when the episode is marked as finished?

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Wait… are you watching those series out of order?

No, in normal order.

So you should not auto create watch sessions if you’re simply marking the tv episodes finished. This July video minutes watched bug did have correct data, I was simply calculating the minutes watched incorrectly. I have now fixed that so I believe the stats are correct now.

TBH, the video stat calculations are pretty complicated and I’m not wholly confident in them yet… so if you spot more bugs, do let me know! I’ll try to put some more time into it too.

This seems unrelated however to the activities bug.


That 8/7 week is still missing data, though. I had a look at what I watched that week (8/7-8/14) and calculated the rough times:

  • 브레드 이발소 S1 ep 5-39 (340m)
  • 페파 피그 S1 ep 6-23 (85m)
  • 초코밀크쉐이크 S1 ep 1-3 (45m)

That week only has 37m recorded, presumably the last item on the list, which didn’t need any TMDB modifications, unlike the other two. Which brings us back to this:


Possibly related: marking a book finished (that wasn’t previously in ‘my books’) doesn’t show up on activity:

(Though in this case, it may be a blessing :laughing:)

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Ok, so I think i’ve fixed this. There were some bugs here, but now I have:

  • 브레드 이발소 S1 ep 5-39 (245m) … makes sense, 35 episodes * 7 minutes per episode
  • 페파 피그 S1 ep 6-23 (90m) … makes sense, 18 episodes * 5 minutes per episode
  • 초코밀크쉐이크 S1 ep 1-3 (37m)… makes sense, ep 1 & 2 both 12 mins each, ep 3 is 13 minutes

Total: 245 + 90 + 37 = 372m

I really need to allow you to see that data broken out on that graph, would be great for debugging purposes. However, I’m starting to feel a bit better about video stats, cleaned a few more things up.

…Now, back to trying to figure out the original bug :slight_smile:


Thank you! :grin:

Is the days watched graph new? I don’t remember seeing it before. :thinking:

Although it doesn’t seem to take into account days that were manually marked watched.

Nah i had just introduced another bug… fixed now.

Ugh I need to spend more time on stats, but it’s my least favorite job :melting_face:


So… I think they all did get created! It was just very delayed (that process was an asynchronous process put in a queue).

However, since we’ve gotten so many complaints on this, I guess it’s pretty unintuitive. I’ve now made it synchronous.

Please give it a look, but from what I can tell, all the activities have been created!

They now show on the item page! Good catch.

I’ll be doing a few more things around the quick episode ‘+’ button to make it more intuitive, but if you agree that all your activities are showing, I’ll go ahead an mark this resolved :slight_smile:

(also, I think @mic had some issues around this too. If you want to chime in on if your data looks right too, please do so!)


I checked two series and there episodes do now appear in the activity feed. Yeah!


All the episodes seem to appear in my activity feed and on the item page (yay!), but they still don’t show up when I filter for ‘progress updates’, and as I mentioned before, then minutes only show on the first episode.

Activity feed:

Filtered ‘progress updates’:

Item page (only ep. 1 includes minutes watched):

All episodes:

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Ok, these are separate issues, let’s bundle with that other issue you talked about on the other thread.

This is now closed! Thanks again for all your notes!!! :slight_smile: