Change Grading Requirement for TV Shows

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It’s currently required to finish an entire season of a TV show before you can grade it. This doesn’t work well with currently airing shows, because it would leave them with a temporary difficulty rating for potentially months. I’m proposing the requirement to be changed from requiring the entire season to be finished to only requiring ~4 episodes to be finished to grade it.

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I have a similar feeling about grading entire series over individual volumes. Like the first volume of One Piece is much easier than some of the later arcs, so the 25 might be true from some volumes but not all. But I get why it is that way. I think with TV shows its largely the same. But it’s the ongoing-ness of it. Maybe we shouldn’t include “ongoing seasons” on the site?

Yes there’s already been a request for One Piece TV show to be graded on independent arcs, which we could do. I’m saving that discussion for after we get most of these bugs sorted out.

I don’t think that’s an option. We certainly need it here so people can mark their progress and time spent.

But we do need some special handling for them… just depends on how smart we need to make it.

EDIT: Request is approved to be moved into Trello


Completed. Thanks again for the suggestion. Closed.