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In about 1/3rd through this week’s reading. It’s definitely still hard, and I absolutely still need the translation, but I’m finding myself less perplexed so far. Are y’all experiencing similar?

The number of lookups is really frustrating tho, so I’m considering doing the jpdb deck for it (tho I rarely stick with that sorta thing). Definitely being a bit lazy about certain parts (ie extensive reading for a few sentences to sorta get the gyst, check translation, don’t go back over to correct errors).

Otherwise it’s really cool getting 猫猫’s inner monologue. Her descriptions of things are so colorful and delightful, and her general attitude/demeanor is very enjoyable. Like even when she’s being self-deprecating, it’s still interesting. Her mix of creative ingenuity and 鈍感(wrt 壬氏) is amazing too. The way she solved the bullying scene scene was surprisingly clever, for some who picked the worst words at the start.


Uuurgh, I was hoping to have done this week’s reading at this point, but this week has been harsh work-wise. @.@ Am hoping to get it read by the end of this weekend so I don’t slip into next week, but we’ll see. I’m hoping I’ll be freer next week, so I can do both weeks’ readings at once if necessary.


Good luck! Hope work chills out soon

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Finished it… I’ll just add that I love how 猫猫 just mechanically mentally appraises everyone (generally in a positive, if critical manner). Also how she goes off in her own world whenever anything related to apothecary stuff comes up.


Done with week two~ And I have now officially caught up with where I put the book down last time. :sweat_smile: I am happy to report that, compared to last time, my will to live still exists, so we’re going on right ahead. :muscle:

Man, 猫猫 is a great character; I just consistently enjoy her blend of intelligence and aloofness.

And just like last time, I have to shudder a bit at the “surprises” that would be left in 壬氏’s drawers. Horrifying. Who leaves something like that and thinks, “yes, this will make him mine”?