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Finished this week. Some time back I’ve read the manga version of the events of this novel (or at least part of it? I’m not sure how far in I read manga-wise), but it’s been long enough that everything’s pretty fuzzy. Fuzzy enough that I’ll get to an event (like the one this week, with the warehouse fire), and think, “oh yeah, I vaguely remember this”. It’s the ultimate guidance: I recognize what’s happening as I go along, but I don’t remember anything well enough to predict what’s going to happen next.

How’re you doing so far now that we’re on week 3 @Belerith? Same for @pyororon; I’ve seen your name pop up in the polls.


Same for me (tho I watched the anime rather than read the manga). I’m good at forgetting things lol. Looking forward to this week’s reading when I get to it


Sorry for being a bit of a lurker lol. Fell a bit behind after reading the prologue but I’m caught up now. It feels smoother to read than when I read the first volume a year ago but still remains one of the hardest series I’ve read, I think mainly due to the amount of lookups. But it’s worth it for 猫猫


I’m enjoying the book a lot! It’s a good bit smoother than the first novel was when I read it with the WK bookclub. A couple years and a lot of books does make a difference. :grin:

I feel like we’ve been getting to know a different side of Maomao here, she’s even more nonchalant and blase about class and people and her job and, well, everything than I remember. :smiley:


Yes, I love the fact that (that was last week I guess?) she failed the test because she couldn’t be bothered to study anything else than medicine related stuff.
She is definitely a great character.


To be fair she did try… It’s just like 20x harder for her to do with topics that aren’t her special interest (I can certainly relate lol).

Personally I loved the whole starting a fire experiment, and Li Haku getting his hair burned cuz he wouldn’t listen to her, and also how she just does whatever she wants, regardless of people’s ranks (would 振り回す be fitting here?)