Closing a request topic does not restore votes

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I recently ran out of votes for the category. While trying to figure out why, I noticed that closed topics still appear in my votes. Despite being closed, I can still remove my vote (which changed the count) and allowed me to vote again.
It feels like the vote should be returned automatically… (that sounds more like a bug with Discourse, but maybe something can be done at the level of the forum).

Anyway, if we don’t care about the final vote count, I don’t mind just reclaiming my vote manually.

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I do remember getting notifications when topics were closed and votes returned before, but noticed it hasn’t happened recently, even though topics I’ve voted on have been closed… I haven’t run out of votes yet though, so I wasn’t sure if it was just that the notifications had stopped. Seems like something’s not quite right. :thinking:


I’ve been getting the votes back…


It takes a bit but there’ should be a notification about it.
The votes remaining in the topic don’t mean that they aren’t given back to you fyi.

Have you verified the count doesn’t go up?

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As @bibliothecary said, I’m not getting those notifications recently.
And as mentioned in the original post, I can get votes back by manually going to a closed topic and removing my vote. It changes the vote count, but since it’s closed, I guess no one cares?
Still, it would be nice if it worked as intended.

Let me take some screenshots.

I can remove my vote from a closed topic but it is indeed not giving it back. It seemed to have worked before (hence why I made the topic). I don’t know if it was random luck.
Still, it’s suspicious that I am at the vote limit.

Edit2: if the limit is 60, then I have reached it anyway with open thread. If so, I guess it’s weird that you can remove a vote on a closed topic, but that’s just a problem with Discourse.

So it’s working as intended?
We can demo it by closing this thread and see if it gives you the vote back :sweat_smile:

The notifications are spotty sometimes, but I think it has to do with if you have discourse open or not. I feel like sometimes it won’t show you a notification that Discourse thinks you already saw, like a reply to a thread or such.

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Technically @brandon increased the number of votes already, so I don’t think I will see a difference, but sure, we can close this thread.

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Since I closed it you can not reply, but you can DM me if you have or haven’t gotten the notification if you want. We can try to investigate further if that’s the case.

This is what I got:


The people that voted remain visible in the thread despite being closed, it doesn’t go to 0. But the Vote gets released so you can reuse it somewhere else.

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