Display cover images for grading comparisons on item page

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Personally, I’d find it easier to gauge how difficult an item is if the gradings were presented as cover images rather than titles.

Although the current way gradings are displayed provides a lot of information, I don’t think it’s necessarily the best way to present it.

(OT but some of the numbers look off-center)

One option could be to separate the easier/similar/harder (and possibly the slightly easier/harder) books, with the most-voted options first, like so:

If the other info is included:

If anyone has other ideas about how the comparisons could be displayed so they’re quicker and easier to understand, please share!

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I really like this idea! Taking it one step further, you could personalize the view by prioritizing books on a user’s finished/reading/owned/wish lists.


I am thinking that an easy fix (but not necessarily best) is having a thumbnail which can be hovered to show a bigger book cover image and Level.

Having thumbnails might be easier than hovering on a mobile device.


I’d be ok with small thumbnails potential for mobile, but I do think that titles with hover over expansion is better for desktop. I think titles are more explicit and easier to understand even if images may be more beautiful?

What do we think.

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I think I suggested hover covers before, but when I looked I don’t think I’ve never opened a PR as it was mentioned it was a no-go for mobile.

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I find images easier to understand than the titles (especially when there are multiple titles being compared), hence the suggestion. Kind of like how the Drag & drop difficulty grading request uses images rather than titles.

I suppose it depends on the person, though. :thinking:


I am definitely lazy when it comes to reading in Japanese, no matter how little, so I second this.

And yes, I do appreciated the irony of being on a site dedicated to reading in a foreign language and being too lazy to read titles, but here we are :upside_down_face:


I will approve this as speculative :slight_smile: