Do you use ? Please Help Natively! would be great!!

My application to is in some sort of bureaucratic hell :melting_face:. I’m trying to work through it, but their support is extremely slow (orders of magnitude slower than other amazons, idk why)… it’s incredibly frustrating.

But I don’t think more orders will make them go faster at this point, unfortunately.


Honestly not surprising, that’s just how French administration works. Here’s an extract from Les douze travaux d’Astérix, it’s a great representation of French administration. Reality really is almost just as bad.


:joy: Tbf, the issue is not in the number of steps I need to take, rather it’s a lack of responsiveness and not addressing the actual questions I ask. They’re just like “oh, you’ll have to wait, but I’m sure they’ll get back to rereviewing your application in a day or two”… queue weeks go by…


I mean, there’s some very important paperwork that I have to renew every two years. Starting the renewal process with less than 4 months left is considered extremely late, and you have to go through different channels otherwise it’ll never get done in time, since it usually takes closer to 6 months :melting_face:


and this is what happens when you count so weirdly :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


You should learn Belgian French then, they use a less weird number system. 90 is actually nonante, similar to the English, instead of the quatre-vingt-dix used in France (because 4*20+10=90, obviously).


Honestly, the counting in French bothers me less than big numbers in Japanese. It’d be one thing if they used 4 decimal places between the commas, but trying to convert 億s to millions breaks my brain. :rofl:

That said my favorite YouTube French teacher is Swiss and while he uses the French system because that’s what most people want to learn he also says them how he’d actually say it and there’s definitely a part of me that enjoys being contrarian enough to follow that if I ever got fluent :sweat_smile: