Do you use ? Please Help Natively!

Hi All,

In order to open new languages, Natively needs to become an approved Amazon affiliate. That requires us to have 3 sales attributed to us in order to get approved.

Amazon Stores Currently Requested:

How to help:

  1. Go to ハピネス 1 and click the appropriate amazon link.
  2. Buy something on amazon with that same browser within 24 hours (it doesn’t need to be ハピネス 1).
  3. Send a message here for me to know there should be a sale.


  1. Find an existing book on Natively you want to buy on that particular amazon
  2. Copy the amazon url from the amazon site you’re targeting
  3. Go to the Natively book page ‘Where To Find’ section, click the edit pencil in the upper right hand corner and add your link.
  4. Click the generated link to your amazon. This will now tag your browser appropriately
  5. Buy the book from that browser within 24 hours
  6. Send a message here for me to know there should be a sale.

The second way has a better chance of success, but both ways do seem to work!

Any help you can give us is really appreciated and prospective learners of that language obviously appreciate it!

Thank you :slight_smile:

PS: If you want to add an amazon we aren’t currently requesting, let us know below. We need to pre-apply for that amazon affiliate program before the sales can be attributed to us.


This should be, and currently it links to the Italian site. :sweat_smile:

I’ve just bought Herr der Diebe (Deutsch – leichter lesen) | L15?? from the UK site using the second method. :grinning:


Whoops! Fixed. And thank you! :slight_smile:


I just added a URL (for amazon .fr) on 토끼전’s Natively page, I’ll buy it in a couple days so that it can arrive when I’m home.


I mean, I use pretty regularly and would be happy to buy stuff through affiliate links if it would be helpful. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I appreciate the offer! Perhaps at somepoint i’ll add. If I do, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

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FYI This registered as a sale (takes a day to confirm) :slight_smile:


Just bought the kindle version of Das Pony-Café, Band 1: Schokotörtchen zum Frühstück (Das Pony-Café, 1) | L22?? from amazon UK using the second method. :smiling_face:


The title still somehow didn’t prepare me for that cover.


I just ordered 토끼전 with the second method and 전우치전 with the first (since I didn’t want to make two different orders) from Amazon .fr. And also a calendar, though Idk if that’ll count.


Sale accounted for on the dashboard! Should only need one more. FWIW, amazon emailed me recently saying I need to get the third sale relatively soon otherwise my pre-application will be terminated (you get 6 months for 3 sales). So, you’re coming in with the sales at the right time! :joy:

Excellent! Should only need one more after that. I will watch the dashboard to make sure they come through (it takes a day or two).


I really want French so if we don’t get a third in a few days I’ll make an account and do the third :slightly_smiling_face:


Any excuse for more books! :joy:

Just bought Die unendliche Geschichte: A1-B2 (Deutsch – leichter lesen) | L15??, so hopefully that’ll be the UK site done. :+1:

Once you have affiliate status will you auto-generate the links in Where to Find?


@brandon I got impatient in and bought something using method #1 :laughing:


Excellent! I see 3 orders are registered now :smiling_face:

Now we have to wait. Unfortunately, it will probably take a week for the initial review to get back and we’ll most likely fail that. Then I have to appeal which will take another day or two and that one always seems to succeed.

After that, it’s easy. All in all, probably ~two weeks away pending all successful approvals :slight_smile:

@bibliothecary the UK site got back with the first rejection and I’ve filed an appeal


Fingers crossed they reverse their decision - I used the same method for all three purchases, so there shouldn’t be any real problem… :face_exhaling:


I have a uk kindle, I’ll try buying some stuff later too, will update (hopefully will remember, if I don’t update until Saturday try reminding me - I put a reminder but the more the merrier in my case :smiling_face_with_tear: )


Bought 2 books
Does it make it 2 sales or 1? Regardless made a sale of some kind :joy:


So some updates:

  • Still waiting on :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
  • now focused on getting italian! (
  • unfortunately didn’t work, argh. They rejected my appeal (first time that happened)… and they didn’t really respond to the content of my appeal. Seems simply unlucky. Haven’t reapplied yet so no need to try to buy.

Any news on And do you still need orders for I’m probably going to buy some italian books soon, so I can do it through (or if you need some new orders there, either way works for me) if it helps.