Edit gradings without deleting them

Description of your request or bug report:

Recently I wanted to change a grading I had made between two shows (but this would apply to books as well). First I had to leave the season page I was already viewing the grading on, go to my gradings page, then search for the grading, then delete the grading. And at that point, I couldn’t even redo the grading! (At least, it would have gone from a “normal” grading to an “extra” grading and not count anyway.)

I propose the following:

  • Ability to directly edit a grading (without deleting it) on the book/video page in the gradings section.
  • Ability to directly edit a grading (without deleting it) on the user gradings page.
  • In both of the above cases, if the grading previously counted towards the difficulty level it would continue to count.

Trello link:

Do you not see that pencil on your user gradings page? You should be able to edit the grading there and I believe it does impact the grading if it did before.

But definitely should allow you to edit your gradings (and see your own gradings) on the item page too.

Status: Approved


Yes please! :blush:

I’ve had this case a few times now and it’s such a steeplechase to go find the grading in order to edit it…