Give me your fantasy novel/LN recommendations!

I’m all ears, go on.
Jokes aside, I intend to read a few of the books from 12国記 after I finish 本好きの下剋上 part 3. I could use some recommendations in the realm of fantasy, perhaps something like classic western titles (Name of the Wind, Mistborn, etc), but anything interesting rlly. What are your thoughts?


In terms of light novels, I would go with 悪食令嬢と狂血公爵 ~その魔物、私が美味しくいただきます!~ (series) | L31, since you’ve already been reading 本好きの下剋上.

For novels: I guess anything by 上橋 菜穂子. 獣の奏者 (series) | L32 is probably my favorite but doesn’t have much in terms of magic/fantasy setting. 狐笛のかなた | L28 has a more explicit magic presence.

Other than that, I’ve been interested in reading 狼と香辛料 (series) | L36 and 西の善き魔女, but I don’t know much about those, so I can’t really say. It seems that 西の善き魔女 is more like a classic western title, but again, I’m not sure (yet).


I have been reading different Isekai light novel recently. A lot of them feel more like the typical VRMMORPG, Sword Art Online feel though. The three I would say that feel the more like Western Fantasy Novels to me are:


I’m a big fan of the オーバーロード | 35 series.

It’s a slow burner but has deep world building and fleshed out characters. Im 8 novels in and looking forward to reading the 9th.

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