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Imagine you like manga but have no interest in reading よつばと! (series) | L17 (this may be difficult - who wouldn’t love such a cute and hilarious story? - but try your best).

When you browse all books, there she is. When you go directly to manga, she’s there to greet you. Want to browse by level? She’s first on the manga list. You follow other Japanese language learners; Yotsuba appears regularly on your activity feed. You start seeing clovers everywhere, and flinching at the colour green.

You try to run. You try to hide.
But there’s no escape - she will find you.

tldr; It would be cool if we could hide series we’re not interested in.

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I think this could be dealt with via custom tags/lists and being able to exclude a tag from search. :thinking:


I’m giving you a vote for that image, hahaha.


My thought exactly. I don’t care about hiding anything, but dang that’s going to appear in my dreams.


It would be nice to be able to hide by author, too. There are a few manga series popular with beginners that are by the same author, and I find the art incredibly off-putting. There are also several novelists whose works I never want to touch again, and if I could blanket hide all their works on here, there would be no more instances where I’d see something where the cover catches my eye or the title sounds interesting, only to look and see that it’s by, say, Murakami Haruki. (That actually happens fairly often with him, although not exclusively on here.)


Approved. These are interesting ideas. It does get a little complicated when it comes to search as i’m very reluctant to have hidden filters like this would be… but when it comes to recommendations this is an obvious feature.


You could make it a default setting in a non-hidden filter though… :thinking: