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Understandable, it’s a lot of information to look over! Thanks for fixing it and for managing the book club in general :blush:


Sry this week’s thread is a bit late. I’ll have it up later today


Finally started the book. End of January I wasn’t in the mood for a novel. Let’s see how it will work out compared to 霧のむこうのふしぎな町, I finished today. The protagonists are both almost teens, both novels are slice of life, both books are L26, difficulty could actually be the same. But from the first 10 pages I already guess that for me 霧町 will be very much the easier one.


Nice, hadn’t heard of that one.

I wrote a review for the book. But beware there is a different opinion, too. Btw: the author was very productive, has written over 100 books by now.