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I enjoyed this book, but my back log says no to continuing the series right now or in the near future. :upside_down_face:

At least so long as I have more volumes of 薬屋のひとりごと left to read. :innocent:


I finally finished the book! I’m just 3 months late :stuck_out_tongue:
For some reason, I felt like reading it yesterday and got through the second half in a single sitting.

Overall, I enjoyed the book quite a lot (despite the random hiatus in the middle). I really liked the characters, especially the titular 烏(妃). I honestly didn’t expect the setting to actually involve magic, so that was a nice plus… until it wasn’t. Honestly, I liked the investigation into the real meaning behind the 烏妃, which was a good source for world building and very different from the typical LN where it would be done instead through an isekai’d character knowing nothing about the world and discovering it with the reader. That being said, what came out fell a bit flat for me, especially with the way the book ends.
Anyway, I’ll definitely keep going with this series one day™, but my current TBR doesn’t justify doing it right now (and the end killed my momentum)


お疲れ様でした!Sounds similar to how I felt about the anime