I'm not in the mood to watch anything, please help!

I’ve barely watched any anime lately. I haven’t been a super heavy anime watcher in years, but I still normally watch 1-2 short shows per month. The last episode I watched was the finale of Vivy two weeks ago, and that show took me a month to watch because I was watching so inconsistently. I’d say this “rut” has been for non-Japanese shows as well (I recently watched and really enjoyed The Owl House, but other than that nothing has been catching my eye).

I just can’t figure out what I want to watch. My “watch soon” list consists of Cardcaptor Sakura, Kanon, White Album 2, Skip and Loafer, and more, but none of those have really been calling me. I think right now I probably want something whimsical like The Owl House. I’m not sure I care about the specifics, as long as it’s fun and doesn’t require me to think too hard. I don’t care about language difficulty for this since I’m really looking for anything to entertain me, and if it looks too hard I’ll watch it with English subs just to help me get back into a watching routine.

(Also, I know this is the Japanese learning section, but if you happen to have non-Japanese animation recommendations of the same criteria above let me know.)


Yeah, I haven’t been watching much, I’m forcing myself through Pokemon lately, but it’s one of those seasons where nothing really appeals me.

If you want some anime that just want to kill time and doesn’t make you think much:


Have you watched Lull in the Sea? 凪のあすから S1 | L30 It’s really great.

(Backup rec in case you’ve already seen Lull in the Sea), there’s also Dragon Pilot ひそねとまそたん S1 | L30??, which is pretty strange, but fun.

Eta: Blue Exorcist season 1 is quite good! 青の祓魔師 S1 | L29


I’ve seen both Yuyushiki and Yuru Camp already. Never heard of the last one, so I’ll look into it.

Yep, watched this a while back. I enjoyed it, other than Kana Hanazawa using an usually high pitched voice in the show. It’s on my list to rewatch eventually, but will require effort to rewatch (Japanese subs), so not a good pick for right now.

Never heard of this one. I just watched a preview and the animation style is… interesting. It’s a bit plain, but clearly by intent and not by lack of funds or effort given that the animation studio is Bones. I’ll have to think about this one.

Probably won’t watch this, just because it’s such a long-running manga and from that I’d expect a very limited adaption.

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I spent some time browsing Netflix and decided to try 推しが武道館いってくれたら死ぬ S1 | L25 on a whim. The first episode was entertaining (if a bit weird). It’s leaving Netflix at the end of the month, so that should push me to keep watching.


Ooh that looks fun!

So much for that… I’ve only watched three episodes so far. :sweat_smile: I suppose I’ll have to watch a bunch this weekend if I want any chance of finishing it in time.

If you’ve seen Adventure Time, the new Fiona and Cake show isn’t quite head empty watching, but I’m enjoying it a lot. If you haven’t seen Adventure Time, what are you even doing with your life? :rofl:

Bee and Puppycat is also very much of that genre. I think I prefer the original Kickstarted version (available on YouTube), but the Netflix version does finish the story arc.

In all honesty, I struggle to watch much anime myself. The ADHD makes it hard to give my full attention to any TV show, and except for very simple shows I can’t zone out like I do in English. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Have you seen ラブ★コン S1 | L30?? yet? It’s silly and fun and cute. If you don’t mind love comedy stuff.
and if you have access to disney+ ブルーイ | L19?? is fun. It’s like 5 minute episodes aimed at toddlers, but there is something soothing about watching it as an adult. :face_holding_back_tears:

and some other shows I have really enjoyed:


You made me realize I didn’t mark ユーリ on ice as watched. I have now corrected that problem.

I really enjoyed it, but since it’s a bit old, I feel like @seanblue might have seen it already.


I have not, but I’m not sure it’s really for me. I might try Adventure Time at some point, but it’s just soooo long.

I gave this a shot a little while ago (probably on Netflix?) and didn’t care for it.

I haven’t , but I assume the anime adaption would be really incomplete compared to the manga, right?

I know of this since my nephew accidentally watched an episode on my Disney+ profile and now it’s stuck in my “continue watching” forever, but I think it’s probably too young for me.

I’ll check out the anime you listed, though a bunch seem BL-leaning, which isn’t really my thing.

I haven’t, but I remember being tricked by this when it was first announced. I was like “ohh yuri on ice, sounds great, I can always watch more yuri”. And then they were like “nah, we meant a guy named Yuri” :roll_eyes:

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I haven’t read the manga, but the anime left me satisfied. I did not feel that anything was missing.

apart from 佐々木と宮野 nothing is BL and even that doesn’t have anything explicit or even a kiss. It’s cute though. (I like fluffy romance.) And they made sure to include the cat in every episode. :rofl:


Steven Universe! :heart_eyes:

The Japanese dub seems to be only available in Japan, though… :sob:

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… Oh. No Yuri on ice for you, then :sweat_smile:

Yuri on ice is leaning hard in the BL territory. There’s insane se romantic tension between the two main characters (+ the second Yuri). It’s great, but not what seanblue seems to be looking for.


Fair enough, but I still think men can enjoy it, too. It’s baiting a certain group of people hard, but like Free! and other anime in that genre, it doesn’t go anywhere. Therefore, personally, I don’t count it as BL. Same with Dance Dance Danseur. I think they are good stories without the baiting, too. :+1:t2:


I agree in general, but the point is moot if OP doesn’t want any of it :slight_smile:

I would tend to agree, but the hard baiting puts it squarely in the “BL-leaning” area. (That bath scene, come on… I am not complaining, but if someone is uncomfortable with that kind of stuff, maybe not :sweat_smile: )


Women can not love BL too! raises hand Yuri on ice was mostly great regardless, but there were some very BL scenes that were fairly meh for me.


Yes. My point was, that just because something is aimed at group A doesn’t mean group B won’t like it or that everyone from group A will like it. Something that is understood the other way around (i.e. women consuming “male” media) but ppl still struggle with men consuming “female” media. Men reading romance? Blasphemy! But this is not the platform for this discussion, so I tried to explain why I included it without opening a can of worms. :sweat_smile:


That makes sense. I guess I just get tired of people assuming that women will always be interested in consuming “male” media. Especially whilst “female” media is either assumed to be uninteresting or is co-opted to appeal to the male gaze (which then in turn makes it harder for me to enjoy).

But totally agree that any good story can transcend (semi-)meaningless “target audience” boundaries!