Improved book series page

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  • Allow series reviews
  • Showcase aggregate information on series (number of users reading, activity?, reviews?)

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Alongside this, I think that a description/summary for the series itself would be nice. For example, Yotsuba can be described as a slice-of-life series that follows a 4-year-old girl learning about the world around her. That way, each book of an individual series doesn’t need to have a description/summary.


I think it would also be nice to be able to view stats for a series (e.g. reading time graph for entire series, total page count, percentage read across series).


I think it would be useful to be able to mark an entire series as read with a single button, rather than needing to do so for each individual volume.


I think I mentioned that to Brandon at some point, but I’m not so sure it made it to the new trello system.

@Brandon, is it okay to add this as a checklist bullet point on this one instead of splitting into another different one?

@brandon More improvements to be added to the series page, if approved as well as a terrible mock-up.

It was already requested to showcase aggregate information, but I think it would also be useful per book, as not everyone writes a review or leaves a rating. This would give you an idea of how much has everyone progressed and the number of people that read the way to the last volumes.

I also made the div displaying the book art taller instead of an square, this should be a relatively easy fix, I could even get this around with greasemonkey, but I’d rather it be live on the website on all my devices, unless there’s a reason for them to be square in the first place?

Display the horror


Off topic, but wait, why is there no WK marker past volume 6? As the person currently in charge of that book club, I can say with confidence that we went all the way to the last published volume :joy:
Sending a feedback now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmm, I agree with the idea of surfacing how popular the volumes are, just not sure where the best place for that information to live is. I may not elect to put it on the book cards like you have them as those cards are already overloaded with configurations as is.

Regardless, I like your idea though and I approve at least putting your mockup in the trello card.

Thanks for your mockup as always!! :laughing:

There’s also the cover not being displayed fully in that page, which should be a quick fix in CSS.