Language reactor - import to Anki

Hello there!
Is there anyone who uses language reactor and imports the files to Anki?
I have looked through the Internet for help but couldn’t manage it.
Would really appreciate every help.

I have used the language reactor before and I think it sucks, adding cards from the language reactor may be possible in the flash card section, they always seem like they want you’re cash.
Instead I propose you use this application:
“Asbplayer” - GitHub - killergerbah/asbplayer: Browser-based media player and Chrome extension for subtitle sentence mining
Very simple and makes cards from lots for sites including YouTube, Crunchyroll and more. Easy to follow instructions as well, I have used the language learning reactor with ShareX to get audio by manually timing it right, manually copying the sentence then putting that inside Yomichan, making the card. But it’s painful it doesn’t have to be, check it out and come back to me. Love to hear you’re thoughts / system have a nice evening.


I just followed the steps in their export guide and it worked for me.

The only hassle is figuring our which Anki folder to drag the screenshots to, but once you’ve done it once, it’s not a problem and it makes nice cards.


Thank you @EthanK_user for the huge impact. I will have a look at it. Though I really want to watch movies via Netflix.

@mikemike888 could you give me a hint how you got it done? I have copied the files and pasted them into the media folder. I have read somewhere that only a synch may be necessary to get it work which for me it didn’t.
I also miss some features when wanting to import to Anki. When I want to import there doesn’t open a window with a cloze option or html.
I was thinking maybe I need to adjust my Anki anyhow.


I also miss some features when wanting to import to Anki. When I want to import there doesn’t open a window with a cloze option or html.

This is your problem - if you’re not importing the items.csv, you won’t get any new cards.

I have no idea why you are not getting a Cloze card option. A quick Google says it’s a built in card type…Maybe you need to update Anki to the latest version?

I click File > Import, select “items.csv” and then change the screen as follows:

The tricky bit is setting “Fields separated by” to Tab - this is done by typing: \t

Hope that helps…


I found a forum that may help you:
importing to Anki - How to ? - Language Learning with Netflix Forum
Quick question though are you on Mac, Windows or Linux? All I can recommended regardless of you’re operating system is that you make sure, “hidden files” are shown the files shouldn’t be hidden, though someone said it caused them problems when they had it off.
Ps. Asbplayer works with Netflix I just didn’t mention it previously.

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@mikemike888 I unfortunatley don’t get it running. Though I have an updated version. I don’t know why I don’t get the optional card infos I need. But thank you so much for helping.

@EthanK_user I still struggle a bit with the original text on the Anki card at asbplayer but I have Anki cards now at least! I just copy and paste the text aditionally so that I have both the original and the translated text plus picture and audio. I wonder whether I can get both texts at the same time by exporting into Anki.

“I still struggle a bit with the original text on the Anki card”
If you’re not using a Japanese card template you may have problems I use this one:
Also works on mobile.
Also recommend you use this addon
Auto generates ふりがな and does pitch accent, can also generate Vocab audio for cards.
The reason why I’m recommending this template is that it has a “sent english” field in the template.
Meaning if you could find a way to display 2 subtitles, in two languages at the same time on Netflix, even if that is not available.
What I would do is use Asbplayer for JP subs and a crome extension called Subadub:

So set Subadub to English, now you can copy the English subs into the exported card, you’ll just have to play around with Asbplayer text height till they appear on top of eachother.
Hope this helps.


@EthanK_user When using the add-on I need to edit a card style right? I tried to edit the basic card but I don’t want to lose my database. Or does the AJT provide an own card? I haven’t found any called AJT I’m afraid.
If I get it right, I still need to copy/paste one title to the card though both titles are shown in the video. It’s some kind of work to get through it.^^

“When using the add-on I need to edit a card style right?”
No need to edit card style if you are using the card template I gave you, every deck you download even when all cards are deleted. That card template remains; the card template should be called Japanese or Japanese sentences. If you can’t find it send a screenshot back and are point it out.
Yes you are right that AJT deck has the card template, just delete that deck and select the template for the deck you want.

“I don’t want to lose my database”
I have thousands of Remembering the kanji cards all in basic template, I really want to change them to a new style. But I don’t, I would give the same advice to you, just from now on I recommend you only use the Japanese card template. Do not worry or stress over previous cards in the collection.

“I still need to copy/paste one title to the card though both titles are shown in the video”
The only subtitle you would need to copy and past into the anki card, would be the English subtitle since the Asbplayer would alread send Japanese sub line to anki.
The only one way you could get around this is if you could export both at the same time.
Yes you are correct.

My conclusion:
You could probably find a crome extension to display both subs but I wouldn’t bother, I simply recommend you drop the Japanese level down. I have done this recently, it does hurt egotisticaly but why lie. You won’t need English much longer anyways ;D
I will check the Asbplayer on GitHub and will make a request for you about dual subs have a nice day.

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Asbplayer dual subs - Improved dual subs support · Issue #306 · killergerbah/asbplayer · GitHub
It is possible I personally just haven’t tried it, and I don’t know if it exports both sub lines to the anki card.
I have requested it on the Asbplayer repository on GitHub for you - Improved dual subs support · Issue #306 · killergerbah/asbplayer · GitHub if you wanted to add anything be my geust.
I wish you luck, see ya around.

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@EthanK_user i finally got it done. Thank you so much for your help. I will try the dual subs maybe some time later as I am happy that it works now as it is. :wink: Have a nice day!

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I’m glad you managed to get it all set up, have a nice day.
Thank you

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