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月の影 影の海 (上) 十二国記 1 | L35 is “isekai” in the broad sense - it starts off in our world and the protagonist is transported to another world, but it’s not using the tropes of modern “isekai”.


Maybe この本を盗む者は | L36 is a candidate? There is travel back and forth between worlds, but it’s not even remotely what I’d consider 異世界

(also you haven’t read it? I think you’d enjoy it) nope nevermind, you have. I thought so!

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I successfully removed my latest addition from your list, and then also removed myself as a collaborator. Going to my profile to see whether the list was removed, I found that this list was indeed removed, but I had another one in triplicate:

It also appears twice in my liked lists:

Even though I obviously haven’t (and can’t) like it.
It’s the only one of my lists that has assigned collaborators, so maybe it has something to do with that?


All fixed along with the likes.

@eefara changed checkbox to ‘Hide Ratings & Reviews’
@DIO-Berry & @enbyboiwonder fixed that ‘submission on enter’ bug. Sorry for the issues that caused!

@Naphthalene fixed that bug around clicking a tag autocomplete result.

Continuing to plow through these quick bugs today :slight_smile:


Ah, thank you! That’s what I get for adding stuff I haven’t read yet. I removed it.

The fact that it’s set in a modern day setting blocks me. I thought about it (as well as Red Data Girl), but in the end I think those belong more in a “supernatural” list, which I may or may not make at some point.

(I did enjoy この本を盗む者は, by the way)

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I’ve only skimmed the thread so apologies if I’m repeating things here… :sweat_smile:

  • It seems like the current placement of ‘Forums’ and ‘Lists’ should be switched - obviously it’s good having lists so visible since they’re a new feature, but it seems a bit out of place in the long run.
  • More filters could be useful, such as Book/Video Type (and maybe include something similar to the level tags box in the list editor for types?) - perhaps a ‘mixed media’ option, too.
  • It would be useful if users could sort list items by star rating (average or creator’s), level, popularity, etc. Although the creator/collabs may have items ordered a certain way, it would be nice to be able to sort them in a way the viewer would find most helpful.
  • It might be useful to allow adding new items using the Natively URL - maybe I’m just used to linking on the forums or adding new items, but I did accidentally try to do that a few times… (although maybe it’s not necessary since you can add from the page now)

I am liking lists, though, they’re a fun addition to the site! :grin:


I’ve read quite a bit of fantasy in English but very little in Japanese (it’s interesting to me how my de-facto genre preferences don’t quite line up between the two). I thought surely I must have read some that weren’t on your list, but the closest I got was the Spice & Wolf LN series, which is fantasy but probably not what you’re aiming for, and which is one of those “SF that reads like it’s on the border with fantasy” stories (it’s really good, either way).


Lists are fun even if I don’t have the wherewithal right now to really get in the weeds

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I’m so glad everyone is enjoying! I think lists are going to be big :star_struck:

I agree with all of these things, minus the Natively url (I think the ‘add to collection’ button handles that?).

These will become more important as we get more lists and as lists become very long.

I think the primary thing right now is to get the default list search view to have swimlanes of items (like AniList Search) rather than the current setup now.

That way we can promote new lists & trending lists better, like:
“New Lists From People you Follow” or “Trending LIsts” not just popular.

Will try to get the out by the end of the week. We can also get that going for normal books / movies / tv, so I think it’d be very cool.


I loved it too! I thought about it but thought it was a biiiiit too borderline. But you convinced me, I’ll just add a clarification.

Spice and Wolf is on my TBR, I think. I should remember to check it out :thinking:


I read the first three volumes or so, and so far nothing has evolved :sweat_smile: But yeah not sure either what to expect from the future plot development…

Other than that, I’m getting the impression that the mangaka just uses this manga as an excuse to draw beautiful (!) food (and occasionally landscape) pictures :sweat_smile:


Interestingly there is no book set in Tokyo yet :thinking: [Edit: I must have overlooked your Tokyo book, sorry!]
The first that comes to mind is 1Q84 but I‘m sure there are lots of others…

Oh an then there is 海辺のカフカ which is set in… uhhh… Tokushima? Or was it Kagawa? :thinking:

A whole hole list! Great :rofl:

Oh you read my mind! :bowing_woman: Definitely interested in the other half :rofl:


There was no Tokyo at first, you are correct. I added it later, and I may still change it to something else. There are so many books set in Tokyo.

I’ll see if I can find where 海辺のカフカ is set.

By the way, do you remember if there was a specific place mentioned for the grandparents’ place in 地球星人 | L32 ( I feel like there must have been, but it’s not easy to find.

It’s a small one, reserved for only the best of holes :sweat_smile:

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I’m pretty sure it was mentioned somewhere, but I don’t recall it either…

Edit: Found it on page 1 or 2: 「大丈夫、貴世? お姉ちゃんは山道に弱いからねえ。長野の山道は、特に険しいから」So it’s Nagano.


Ah, thank you! Perfect!

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According to Wikipedia, one plot line is set in Kagawa and later Kochi, while the other one in Yamanashi. Which one would you say is the predominant one, if any?

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You can now do explicit series search when creating / editing lists!

Also, you can search for any item, not just items in your library.

Caveat: The search is still a little weird sometimes, looking into it more.


I’m a big reader of fantasy in English as well, and as with others, have not read much in Japanese. :sweat_smile: So looking through my own library for potential candidates (assuming no manga, no translations, and not an adaption of anything else like a video game):

Sorry for the flood. orz Let’s see how many of these links render…
(Edit: Only two didn’t at time of posting. Not bad~)


I would not put this on any recommendation list :joy:

Nope, not fantasy. Closer to horror and sci-fi.


I mean, it could have been worse, right? :sweat_smile: I’d say it’s a good beginner mystery/time travel book; not particularly well-written, but good for a learner who’d need lots of repetition (which is also not the point of Napthalene’s list, granted. :sweat_smile:)