Lists: various suggestions

Description of your request or bug report:

Suggestions, observations, possible bugs etc. taken from Lists discussion regarding the lists feature that don’t warrant their own PR thread (or I’m unsure of how useful they’d be).

Further to this, the method of bolding produces different looks depending on whether you use asterisks (Viz Media in the example below) or <b> (the word ‘bold’)…

Trello link:

Apologies for any duplicate suggetions.


Side note: That’s HTML btw, not markdown. Markdown would use asterisks and underlines (and oddly doesn’t seem to do bold + underline at once, tho bold + italic is possible).

Might be a result of being in list description vs item description

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I think it’ll be cool to have a feature to follow the list or bookmarking a list so you can have to go searching for it every time.


You can :heart: a list; could make that another filter if it hasn’t been suggested already.


Further to eefara’s point, you can view your created and saved lists by going to the list tab on your profile:

It would be handy to be able to see them from the lists page, though.


Oh, I never knew that. Thanks for telling me.

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It’s odd that Lists menu on top-left nav doesn’t have a button to open My Lists.

Searching here with my own username does show public lists, but not semi-public or private ones. Also no way to differentiate between tags and usernames.

It isn’t in top-right dropdown either.

It’s actually hidden inconspicuously in the 4th item “My Profile” => Lists