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I just made a Fantasy that’s not isekai list.

Awesome! This is something I have been looking for.
Consider adding 六花の勇者 (series) | L28 to the list, I really enjoyed the first book.

Another fantasy novel that I only found so so but lots of other people enjoyed is 誰が勇者を殺したか | L31

Both of these are in the line of “heroes have to go kill the 魔王”, so might not be what you are looking for.


I know. I just listed books I’ve read myself, which of course makes the list rather limited.
夏目友人帳 looks like it definitely should be included. The problem is, I can’t write descriptions of things I haven’t read. If any one of you would like to be direct collaborators, let me know and I’ll add you!


Hm, that’s reassuring although I think I’ll wait until someone who’s read all of it can confirm. I can imagine such an end pairing wouldn’t be popular with people mostly wanting scenery and local culture

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All these lists make me want to read :pleading_face:

So many chores in the way though…


One potential list I’ve been thinking about setting up is one covering works of historical fiction (specifically European history) I’ve enjoyed set roughly in the years 1450-1650. (The idea comes from having read two series that somehow already fit that criteria, so I’m curious what else is out there.)

I’ve got a custom tag in my library for stuff I need to investigate (note: some of these I’m not sure how historical they actually are, and/or are more focused on a historical Japanese time period. The latter I’m not really considering for the potential list), but am open to suggestions if anyone else knows something that might fit that criteria!



  • Would it be possible to implement a “read more” cut off for the list description?
  • Is there a character limit for the list description?
  • I’ve been getting the error page frequently when saving lists, but a refresh fixes it. :sweat:
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I think at least one use case of this popping up is when 2+ people are trying to edit a list at the same time. I noticed at one point, editing the BLU Western Canon list, that I couldn’t save, and when I hit refresh to try to jangle things back into place saw that several works had been added to the list, so presumably my edits and (probably) yours were interfering with each other.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case, but it’s also happened on my personal lists. :sweat_drops:

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I think it could be a good feature to mention on a book‘s page to which list(s) it belongs, in the sense of: if you like this book you also probably like the others in the same list(s).


This is an interesting idea. Of course the list in question might be “books I hated”, or “books with a yellow cover”. But it’s still fun and potentially useful to be able to see which lists a book belongs to, if any.


Added to my “to be checked” fantasy pile.

Interestingly, that one was already in my TBR from, like, a day ago. I’ll check it too. Thank you!

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I wonder if anyone will make such a list. I momentarily thought about it, but as the saying goes “any publicity is good publicity”, and usually if I hated something (as opposed to just didn’t enjoy or couldn’t get into), it’s probably not something I’d want to promote to other ppl.


Sure, I probably wouldn’t spend time to sort books I didn’t like either. But I can see the benefit in a list like “books that very much weren’t worth the hype”.


medium anyone?


Not at all exactly the book I had in mind :eyes: :joy:


Yes this is definitely on the list for the book page cleanup. Along with general ‘similar books’ row.

Go full click bait: “Books I Hated And You Should Too”


I notice that using markdown messes up spacing in the list description:

download (2)

download (1)

Also, it might be a good idea to move the delete button in the editor to somewhere less obvious - it’s in the same position as the edit button, and kinda where I’d expect a save button to be. :sweat_drops:


“These books raised my blood pressure and you won’t believe why” :grin:

Yes please!


For bolding I usually recommend just using “**” around the text rather than html. Although, it looks like you wanted to underline as well :thinking:

If you send the link to the list I can take a look.


Oh, that does seem simpler… :sweat_smile:

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