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No, it was a more direct question to @DIO-Berry as to why they wrote 北海道 but everything else without the 都道府県 marker (e.g., 東京, 京都,…)
For consistency, it would make sense to write 東京都, 京都府, etc instead.


ahhhhhhh sorry lmaooo
I automatically went geek mode sorry sorry


@DIO-Berry I have a suggestion for the “Manga for each Prefecture” list: しまなみ誰そ彼 is set in Onomichi in Hiroshima prefecture. It has a lot of beautiful scenery and little tidbits about local foods and places that made me want to visit when I was reading it!


Because 北海道 is the only one that isn’t shortened to 北海 anywhere I’ve heard in daily conversation. All other prefectures I only hear 県 added to if people want to specify that they didn’t go to a capital city of the same name. Like 先週福岡県に行きました。(went to places other than Fukuoka City)

I’m also tempted to see if I can find a questionnaire with all the prefectures. I want to say that I only see 県 written on ones for mailing specifically :thinking:


Nice, thanks! I’ll add it. For some reason I had thought it was a ln.

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It would be nice if there were options to easily see the following on the lists page :

  • my lists (creator or collaborator)
  • my created lists (public & private)
  • my public lists
  • my private lists
  • my saved lists

ETA: I’m getting the server issues page when trying to access It’s set to public afaik and appears on the list page. Tried refresh, but no luck. :thinking:


Ah, I finally figure out these server issues! I wasn’t properly handling merging of books / deletion of books with the new list items… so those list items were pointing at deleted things which caused errors.

I know you’ve been having server issues sometimes with lists. If there are other server issues outside this one you’ve been experiencing, or that you do experiece, let me know!

Also @araigoshi, one of the issues was your WK Absolute Beginner nominations list. Somehow, Crystal Hunters got added to the platform and I had to delete that, causing the issue. I’m not sure if you were one of the ones that got an email, but for more info on why, please see my blog post..

Crystal Hunters will be auto blocked in the future.

Are you talking about in the list search or your profile ‘lists’?

If it’s the list search, I was imagining that’s more for list discovery, rather than personal list management. My goal is to have the default view be ‘swimlanes’ of lists more like:

  • Trending Lists
  • Popular Lists
  • Lists from people you follow
  • Recently Added Lists
  • Recently Updated Lists

This view would be wiped once you applied any filters. Like the AniList search I keep going on about :joy:


Yay, thank you! Hopefully it’s solved, but I’ll let you know if it happens again. :smile:

I was thinking about the list search, but it would be useful in your profile, too. It seems like a given that there should be a way to see your own lists if you visit list search, even if it’s just a direct link to that part of your profile.


I like that :slight_smile:

i’m not entirely sure we need something more for your profile view (all that separation you’re describing). At least, not until people get a lot more lists?


Yeah, it’s probably not necessary at the moment, but I can see it being useful in the future.
(Has 20+ list ideas just waiting to be implemented… :rofl: )

ETA: Can we have some sort of history for changes made to lists (for those with collaborators)? Something like discourse has for wiki posts?

Would it also be possible to have the wishlist (+ etc) button so you can add directly from the list as opposed to visiting each item page? Like Goodreads, for example:

This may have just been a glitch, but when I went to edit a list, the numbering started from 2 (it corrected itself after a different item’s position changed).


Not a big deal since items aren’t numbered on the list itself, but maybe displaying the numbers would be a useful option for some lists?


Why does this list

just show the first of eleven entries? Are the others blocked? Is it a bug?


I can see all the manga in the list

Not in the preview though.

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Oh that’s what mic meant. My bad :sweat_smile:

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No, I literally just fixed this at @mic’s prompting :joy:

This has been a bug for a little bit, just hadn’t gotten around to it. Basically, there are a few actions when the image should be regenerated. I think I have them all covered now, but if you see any issues, point it out like @mic !

Should be fixed now though! :slight_smile:


But it didn’t change in the preview above :wink: just on the list page.


unfortunately nothing I can do about that. Discourse caches it heh. It’ll eventually go away…


Something for your @omk list “Yokai, ghosts and urban legends” could be:

ノラガミ 1; it’s about gods and their entourage fighting ayakashi and each other.

あやかしメルヒェン 1: it is about a 座敷わらし (MC) following the owner of her apartment - which she was not able to protect - to Germany fighting German “youkai” at their new home.


Thanks. あやかしメルヒェン 1 looks fun, combining German and Japanese folklore like this.

I’d be happy to add you as a collaborator to the list (and everyone else who suggested books before), so you can add as you see fit, just say the word. Otherwise I’ll probably just wishlist these books and add them whenever I get around to reading them.


Forgot we had a list thread :see_no_evil:

Edit: Now it suddenly worked despite again showing the error. :melting_face:

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