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I wonder if anyone will make such a list. I momentarily thought about it, but as the saying goes “any publicity is good publicity”, and usually if I hated something (as opposed to just didn’t enjoy or couldn’t get into), it’s probably not something I’d want to promote to other ppl.


Sure, I probably wouldn’t spend time to sort books I didn’t like either. But I can see the benefit in a list like “books that very much weren’t worth the hype”.


medium anyone?


Not at all exactly the book I had in mind :eyes: :joy:


Yes this is definitely on the list for the book page cleanup. Along with general ‘similar books’ row.

Go full click bait: “Books I Hated And You Should Too”


I notice that using markdown messes up spacing in the list description:

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Also, it might be a good idea to move the delete button in the editor to somewhere less obvious - it’s in the same position as the edit button, and kinda where I’d expect a save button to be. :sweat_drops:


“These books raised my blood pressure and you won’t believe why” :grin:

Yes please!


For bolding I usually recommend just using “**” around the text rather than html. Although, it looks like you wanted to underline as well :thinking:

If you send the link to the list I can take a look.


Oh, that does seem simpler… :sweat_smile:

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I decided to join all the list fun and make my own list of crazy books :crazy_face:


Further to this, the method of bolding produces different looks depending on whether you use asterisks (Viz Media in the example below) or <b> (the word ‘bold’)…


I love this list, bungakushoujo! Your descriptions are hilarious as well!


Looking at the Japanese lists, we’re up to 47 with no signs of slowing down. I was thinking more ways to filter lists would be appreciated; an easy one could be filtering lists by the type of media in them; i.e. you select the non-fiction checkbox to only see lists that contain non-fiction books (or click the box again to prevent any lists with non-fiction from showing):


Might also be nice to be able to designate a list a “book club” list (i.e., one that only lists either book club candidates or winners) so that users can filter to see only book club lists or none at all.

Being able to filter by which lists contain at least one Free book could be nice, especially if you wanted to sample from a couple of different ones but were on a budget.

Dunno how useful it would be, but being able to sort alphabetically by list title and number of list items (ascending and descending, of course) also feel like solid options.


Definitely! Also more ways of sorting lists would be nice, e.g. alphabetically.

Plus a bug report: When searching for list entries, when there are quite a number of results, novels seem to be removed from the list of hits… e.g. try searching for あん | L30 by just entering あん (this is a problem as there is no other way of finding that book afaik) or try searching for by just entering 博士. In both cases the desired result will not be in the list.
(EDIT: Just discovered that you can find books by searching for the author. Very hidden feature!)

And another wish: It would be nice to see the book cover already in the results list, as sometimes there are multiple entries in the same category, and it would be faster to be able to see the cover (and maybe Natively level? and maybe author name?) in the preview (instead of inserting the entry, discovering that it’s the wrong one, and deleting it again and inserting another one).

Ultimately it would be extremely convenient if we could just add books to the list via pasting Natively links though…


There is ラブ★コン S1 | L30?? which is set in 大阪府 except for some episodes where they go on vacation in 京都府. Of course, this means the whole series is in 関西弁.


I was going to suggest allowing adding by URL or ID in the search form as well, it’s a little bit more efficient when building a list from elsewhere than opening each page and clicking.

I guess I got used to this feature from JIRA.

(For other people who’ve used JIRA, yes, I’m as surprised as you that I have something nice to say about its UI)


I think this may be related to exact matches not being prioritized, rather than it being a novel. When I was trying to search for it before (I think to re-evaluate some skipped gradings), I had to type in most of “sweet bean paste” for it to show up

You can add items directly from the item and series pages though


Oh thanks! I think I saw this mentioned here but forgot now that I built my first lists :woman_facepalming:
@brandon maybe you could mention this somewhere in the general list population area?


ラブ★コン S1 | L30?? is specifically very unique because its the only one where not only the original creator, but also all of the voice actors are from Kansai so it’s relatively a lot more accurate in things like the differences in pitch and phrasing and etc
of course there’s some leeway into the standard Japanese so that others can understand but you get the point I think


Many of them, but not all of them. E.g. Lisa‘s voice actor is iirc from Tokyo but was said to have made a very good job at speaking kansaiben.

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