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I prefer Inuyasha, the follow-up is less comedy, almost no banter, as the team of protagonists is pure female, the two daughters of Sesshomaru and Rin and もろは. (I only saw the series, though: 半妖の夜叉姫 | L30)

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Gotcha… I watched some random clips of each on YouTube. If I check either anime out, I’ll go w/ Yashahime. Tbh I’m more likely to read the Inuyasha manga tho… and not sure I’m likely to do any of those :stuck_out_tongue:

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Update: I reached a point where they’re out of sync anyway, so less of an issue now.

I’m kinda having trouble w/ watching Ranma 1/2 while reading the manga… there’s a lot they do well, but also so much pointless (imo) filler and changes. Not all the changes are bad, but it’s hard not to get irritated by them while I watch. Otoh, it’s good vocab reinforcement.

I'm considering

So I’m considering:

  1. Continuing as normal
  2. Pausing the anime for a while, so I forget more of the manga version
    • Also means I could catch up w/ other anime
  3. Doing the dictation thing w/ the anime so that I’m far enough behind that I don’t feel the need to try to keep up.
    • Improves vocab retention, but also maybe not desireable with such a long series
  4. Skipping all the filler episodes (45% of the series!!), and/or mixed canon/filler
    • Or maybe those might annoy me less, since I won’t be grumpy about changes

One temporary advantage to continuing is that it will take me longer to get through the manga volumes, So I’ll get to use more of the physical ones when they arrive.

Anyway, who knows what I’ll do.

I usually lag either my reading or watching (depending on what I’m more in the mood for) and then catch up with the lagging media whenever I’m in the mood. I’m ahead in the anime compared to the manga, but it’s been 2-3 years since I was watching the anime at this point so when I read I have a vague recollection of the plot, but not enough that it feels like I’m repeating things. But I also just sorta follow the fun and sometimes feel the need to watch/read some Ranma.

(At some point in this thread you asked where I was in the manga and I forgot to reply (:sweat_smile:). I think I finished #6 recently and I’m probably somewhere around book 10ish in the anime)

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I do that too sometimes, but try to keep up with the current season stuff, so I can discuss with my 1-2 friends who also watch. The dictation thing’s got me totally slowed down on that front tho.

Oh nice, I just started vol 7, and finished ep 30… which theoretically should match, but the anime’s a bit out of sync for w/e reason

All this discussion’s got me mildly interested in trying Inuyasha, but I’m telling myself “only if I drop/pause the Ranma anime”. Absolutely won’t try the manga till I’m done w/ Ranma tho… gotta stay on track lol

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I prefer the side characters in Inuyasha compared to Ranma. Probably because not everyone is a part of the love polygon and are more rounded characters. But as other people have mentioned the will they won’t they is cranked WAY up so of you’re not ready for some drawn out hetero romance drama, it might not be for you. :sweat_smile:


Right… the side chars in Ranma are generally more gags than characters, and Inuyasha isn’t/doesn’t have a harem. Anyway yeah, I should get through one drawn out romance series b4 jumping into another, even more drawn out one :stuck_out_tongue: (and while Ranma is drawn out, it really feels like more of a “when will they” instead of a “will they/won’t they”)

I’ll say one thing that’s nice about watching the anime is now when I read the manga, I hear the 声優 voices and music in my head, which makes it more engaging.

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Ranma volumes came early!! Really love reading the physical instead of the digital!! It’s slightly less convenient, but so much prettier! Definitely sticking to phyiscal as much as possible in the future… though that’s limited by how soon I want to read it, money, and my rule that I’ll only buy physical if I’m 100% sure I will use it. Which mostly means buying things I’ve already read/watched.

I already got sucked into ordering a used set of ツバサ -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- volumes. I’m already well past my book budget for the month but it came out to $70 for 28 volumes, and that series is easily the most beautiful manga I’ve ever read, plus I never finished my reread (another of those “I read this in high school” ones). Might be my next read after Ranma! (and unlike Ranma, I have almost no frustrations with that series)

I’m onto Ranma vol 11 now, and have a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow, so I’m really excited for all the volumes I’ll get to read :smiley:


Oops, I started watching 犬夜叉, but… I’m finding it way more engaging than Ranma - both linguistically, and story wise (I’m only 4 eps in tho). Definitely not committed to watching it all, but as long as I’m enjoying I’ll keep watching.

Still committed to finishing all 38 Ranma vols no matter what.



犬夜叉 アニメと漫画

Completely enamored with Inuyasha anime so far - on episode 55. I really haven’t enjoyed an anime like this in a while. Also proud of myself for the fact that I can decently understand it without stopping for lookups (tho sometimes I check the episode summary afterwards)

I started reading the manga digitally, but also ordered the physical versions - can’t wait till they get here! Really looking forward to reading more, both for storytelling and vocab purposes - since I’m actually doing lookups, and taking the time to understand things as I read.

らんま 1/2 アニメと漫画

Dropped the Ranma anime, and got up to vol 20 of the manga, but am taking a break to read Inuyasha. I really loved the series in the beginning, but as it goes on, it becomes more of a martial arts shounen, and the quality is really hit or miss. Part of the challenge for me is I actually don’t really like Ranma & Akane as a couple. It’s a really unhealthy/messed up relationship (Akane is especially toxic a lot of the time). Also some of the tropes (not to mention characters) get really aggravating. I wish Ranma & Ukyou was the pairing, since she’s the healthy/emotionally mature person in the whole love polygon. When it’s on point, it’s really excellent, but I started skimming at some points in the last few volumes - and even skipped a whole story arc, b/c I was grossed out. I do appreciate some of the arcs that incorporate youkai and other fantasy elements though.

犬夜叉 vs らんま 1/2

By contrast, I find it really easy to root for Kagome & Inuyasha, and to empathize with both of them. Inuyasha definitely needs to chill, but also can be really sweet in his own way, and Kagome’s behavior is totally understandable for a 15 year old suddenly thrown into the 戦国時代 (Warring States era), and having her first encounter with romance… with a half-youkai who still has feelings for his resurrected lover from 50 years ago. Sometimes she’s really mature and impressive too. Just as importantly, characters in the series actually point out when things are a bit messed up, or one of them is being unreasonable, and try to explain how the other might be feeling. From what I’ve heard, in the manga Kagome and Inuyasha actually talk things out much more - so I’m really looking forward to reading that. I’ve heard the love triangle is less played up in the manga as well… so that will be interesting.

Aside from that, the setting of 戦国時代 + 妖怪 in Inuyasha is really perfect. The youkai are fascinating and well done (there’s even a whole list of them), and the characters are overall more interesting (instead of just being over the top tropes). The language as well is pretty cool, and oddly, I find it way easier to understand than Ranma. Otoh I can watch the Ranma anime mostly without subs, and I’m not sure I could do that w/ Inuyasha at this point. While both series are episodic, Inuyasha at least has an overarching plot, and character evolution. With Ranma, it barely matters what progress a character made from one arc to the next - as there’s barely any continuity to the story.

Anyway, at this point I would really like to finish both the Inuyasha anime and manga, and don’t plan on getting into anything else until I do (though I should catch up w/ また、同じ夢を見ていた sometime soon… since I’m running the club). After that I’ll probably go back to Ranma… either that or ツバサ: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE | L25, since I never finished my reread of that, and I’m really looking forward to the physical versions when they get here!!


Oh man, I haven’t thought of Tsubasa in ages! Now you’re making me want to reread it :sweat_smile:


You should!! It’s so great, and the artwork is so beautiful! Seems like it should be at a good level for you too, based on your profile

Have you ever read xxxHolic? They ran concurrently, and there’s some occasional tie-ins (it’s a separate story, with the dimension witch and her assistant. More of a mystery of the week vibe).

Mine’s getting here tomorrow!! If I finish Inuyasha 1-5 b4 the physical ones get here, maybe I’ll read Tsubasa in the meantime. Tho I should really catch up on また、同じ夢 soon…


I read Tsubasa roughly as it came out, and at the time xxxHolic was way too hard for me (iirc it also doesn’t have furigana?), but maybe I’ll start a concurrent read of the two. I wonder if my friend still has her sets of them and if so, can I con her into media mailing them to me… :thinking:

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I just checked, and you’re right xxxHolic doesn’t have furigana… Guess I’m adding that to my next month April list (I’m grateful for furigana at times, but also feel like no-furigana is more beneficial for me now)

I read Tsubasa after watching the anime, which I guess I found when randomly looking up Clamp stuff? I owned a random xxxHolic volume back in high school, but never actually read it.

Anyway, they got here early :heart_eyes:


Speaking of CLAMP universe spanning works, you do know about X, right? That’s probably my favorite CLAMP series (although I don’t think they’ll ever finish it, which is a bummer).

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I looked it up just now… the art style is nice, but I don’t think I’d be into it… Anything specific you like about it? That’s too bad about it being discontinued :confused: (here’s a link, in case anyone else is interested: CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION X 1 | L19)

魔法騎士レイアース 新装版 1 | L24 is somewhat on my radar, and apparently ちょびっツ 1 | L25 has some crossover w/ Tsubasa & xxxHolic? (not sure to what extent)… have considered カードキャプターさくら | L22. It seems like it fixes most of my problems with the anime, but also there’s teacher-middle schooler relationship stuff in there that I really don’t want to read. I was grateful for how the anime handled that (they basically made it into a 片思い thing with Rika showing affection for the teacher, giving gifts, etc, but no reciprocation from the teacher’s end… which is somewhat better)


It has been a VERY long time since I’ve actually read the series, so there’s obviously some nostalgia here. I love the art, of course, but what I remember really liking about the story itself is that it’s a save the world story that has real stakes people full on die in the story, so you’re not sure what’s going to happen and even if the heroes prevail, at what cost? It’s also a shonen plot told through by shojo (or at least onna-muke) artists, which is ALWAYS my jam.

It also looks pretty on my shelf:

(wtf, where is #4?!?!?! Welp, I know what I’m doing today…)

I LOVE Rayearth (it was the anime/manga that got me into CLAMP in the first place so it’s got a special place in my heart). Chobits (at least the manga, I never gave the anime a chance) was always a road too far for me.


Oh wow - that cover spread is really beautiful!! I love it when they do stuff like that… xxxHolic doesn’t do that, but does have rainbow colored pages?? Never seen that before. I can kinda get the appeal from what you describe, but doesn’t sound like it’s for me. What do you mean re: Chobits?

Anything else come to mind like this?

Tangentially, I was surprised how 可愛い Sesshoumaru looks in the manga… like in the anime, he’s more menacing. Would have been my second mistaken gender character, if I’d started with the manga (the first being Shippou, who I had no idea was male). Some pics from the (digital) manga


At the time I mostly just didn’t like it (which is fine, Angelic Layer also was not a hit for me).

At some point I saw someone put it into the born sexy yesterday trope, which I think was probably my biggest issue with it. Mind you, I think I read at most two books of the manga.

Not offhand, but I’ll think about it. Fullmetal Alchemist doesn’t exactly fit bc it’s definitely for boys, but I think having a female mangaka is part of what sets it apart from other stories.

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Ahhh, I just looked at the description for Chobits, and I can totally see what you mean (also what a confusing name to choose for the trope).

I’ve only watched both FMA anime, haven’t read the manga, but can definitely see what you mean.

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