Magazines on Natively?

So I don’t remember if this has been brought up before, and what the consensus was if so. How does Natively feel about magazines being added to Natively @brandon? It’s a bit of an issue adding physical-only ones for sure, but there are more and more being offered digitally. If you’re cool with them being added, what does everyone think about what book type to assign them as?

  • They should be categorized as Other
  • A new “Magazine” category should be added
  • Something else
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Also wanted to get more general user stats:

Would you be interested in logging magazines on Natively?
  • Yes, and I read the ones I buy cover to cover
  • Yes, but I only typically read parts of the magazine
  • Yes, but I don’t currently read any magazines
  • No
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How to log a partially-read magazine would be the biggest question, I feel.


I’ve already added various magazines to the site, and just marked the pages I read, via the Data Manager. Eventually I stopped bc I got lazy.

Some pain points:

  • Syncing weekly series
    • Some series the numbers jump, cuz they list in most-recent-first order
    • This causes book numbers and cover thumbnails to be wrong on Natively
  • Not all serial magazines have series pages on Amazon (ex 百合姫) :roll_eyes:
  • Remembering to note page numbers while reading
    • Converting to physical pg numbers (optional)
  • Whether to mark as Stopped or Finished
    • Stopped gives the impression there was something wrong
    • Finished inflates pg count (I think?) and gives the impression I read the whole thing
  • Can’t grade effectively if you haven’t read a solid portion of the magazine, and even then the language level may really vary (百合姫 is a great example)
  • Where to categorize (I think I put the manga magazines under manga)

Anyway, I think it would be great to have as a category on the site. I don’t personally care so much about logging it anymore - but it’s great for content discovery, imo. And I’m sure that others would want to log them.


How much I read depends on the type of magazine tbh. I have 1 vol of Cocohana and I read two of the manga chapters in there; I’m not exactly interested in the others (and if I get more volumes of it, it’ll be specifically for that one manga that never got a tankoubon release). I have a volume of I think Pash that I bought before I could read JP that I still haven’t read yet and I doubt I’ll read all of when I do, and I have 2 vols of Voice Stars that I’m currently planning on reading all the way through, but that could always change.

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In the data manager I’ve been changing the total pages when I mark something finished to avoid this.

I’ve also been changing the total pages in a book if there’s an extra story or some あとがき that I don’t read when I use percentages to not overinflate my page counts that come up in the status messages.

If you give me a system for measurement, I will not stand for it to be recorded incorrectly :upside_down_face:


You know, somehow that never occurred to me. That’s a great approach! Tho then it means I’d have to count pgs by quantity, and keep adjusting (unless I do it all in one go)

Also never thought of that. I generally log via pg numbers rather than percent. So most of my earlier page counts are inflated anyway, bc the digital version ended up being more pgs (now it’s usually the opposite). Maybe I should try percents.

A page is such an unreliable measurement anyway (a page of a light novel vs manga vs magazine are all very different things - and I usually skip ad pages in magazines). So it doesn’t mean that much to me.

If the bonus content is only like 20-30% of the total pages, I don’t care much about the count. But when it’s much higher, then it feels disingenuous. I don’t know why I care at all, since I never even look at the pages read statistic


I haven’t really read magazines, but I would probably be interested in doing so.

Probably my interest would be in ‘literary’ magazines (e.g. magazines which include short stories etc. , like the New Yorker, or Granta).

But I don’t actually know enough about the magazine ‘scene’, and probably lots of the content in the New Yorker would be too high level for me at the moment.

From my perspective, page count is most sensible split by media type anyway.
Manga page count is just as different from a Novels page count as a magazine page count is. (for me at least).


I did technically add a monthly magazine but since it’s a manga magazine it’s recoded as manga as of now


That has been on loan in my Kindle unlimited ever since you added it, and I still haven’t read it :sweat_smile:

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You can always try nominating it in the book club :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Which reminds me that I still need to add the newer nomination
Give me 5 min lol


I’m pretty sure my last nomination put us up to 20… so maybe next round

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We DID reach 20 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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