Manually specify favorite books and series

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  • Remove the existing “favorites” section on the profile, which really just shows all 5 star rated books
  • Allow users to manually specify favorite books and series (which would be shown together)
  • Allow users to order these favorites
  • Display these favorites on the profile page, including the cover art for each book/series
  • Potentially bucket with custom list updates & featured lists

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I’m not sure if it would be better to have one section that includes all books or if manga should be split out. The tough part is that while I think it would be nice for manga to be separate, I would want novels and LNs to be together. I wonder how others would want that organized.


I personally would love to see separated sections for manga and LN/novels. Gives me more room to pick favorites, if nothing else. Plus, I feel like it’d encourage people to branch out a bit when picking; if manga and novels are in one list, I’m sure more would fill up their favorites bar with just/mostly manga. But if they’re separated, it gives the novels more chance to breathe.


I agree. I just wouldn’t want a favorites section for every book type individually. I don’t want to separate books from LNs because those lists are already small enough for me! But if Brandon wouldn’t mind two favorites lists: one for manga only and one for novels, LNs, and children’s books together (no other book types selectable), that would make me happy.


So I think all of this fits well with the custom list updates I’m planning… except allowing you to favorite series. I guess more generally being to add a series to a list might be nice as well, but I’d prefer to at least start with favorites without series, and then add series as a ‘V2’.

I think I wouldn’t by default break apart manga and other books. Rather, I think it makes more sense to be able to put any custom list on your profile page. Then users could simply only put novels / other books in their favorites and have a ‘Favorite Manga’ list which they bump up to their profile page.

I know you’ve expressed a little disappointment @seanblue at leveraging custom lists for favorites in this way (hopefully just because of the series issue), but it will be simpler I think and allow a bit more functionality for custom lists in general.

Proposal: Split out including ‘series’ in favorites and mark that as V2.

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With a “custom list” approach, how are you planning to surface those lists on a user’s profile? Will the user have the option of designating “featured” lists or something? I assume so based on “have a ‘Favorite Manga’ list which they bump up to their profile page” but wanted to make sure. Personally, I would never go to a user’s actual library just to see if they have “favorite” lists, so it would have to be surfaced on the profile in some way.

Yes, honestly I would not use this feature if I can’t designate series. I’m unlikely to favorite an individual volume of any series, especially not manga or light novels. The individual volumes tend to all blur together, so I wouldn’t call out specific volumes as favorites. So of the 6 manga I listed as favorites on my profile I would mark none as official favorites, and for the 4 books I listed I could mark 2-3 of them. But at that point it would feel too sparse, so I would probably still not bother.

Additionally, while the lack of series support was my primary concern with this approach, there’s a second reason I don’t like it. To me, having to create “favorite” lists in my library just adds noise. Specifically, custom lists are for me and favorites on my profile are for everyone else. I don’t want to see my favorites listed separately every time I go to my library. I’m not saying that’s the only way to use favorites / custom lists of course. That’s just how I use them on AniList and it works well for me there, so I plan to do the same here.

If you think this is valuable enough to do as a V1 that’s your call of course. I do worry a bit that you’d be designing yourself into a corner since the V2 support for series doesn’t fit into that design. Specifically, it would be weird to display series in the library as separate entries (as part of a custom list), so at that point “favorites” would have to diverge from “custom lists” anyway. Or did you have something in mind for that?

Ok, that’s good feedback. I guess I thought people could mark the first volume of a series as a favorite for a placeholder… but I’ll think on it. I can see how you’d be reluctant to do that.

Right, ‘featured lists’ on your profile seems like a nice feature and one people probably expect with GoodReads having that functionality. It’d be nice to tackle all those together, but the series aspect certainly throws a wrench in things. I’ll think on it :confused:


Well, I will approve this as a feature. Not entirely sure yet on how i’ll handle series, but at least a version 1 should get into Trello.