Mara's Study Log!

For 2024 I have the goal to add 1000 kanji to my study routine, at a rate of approximately 20 per week! As of January 1st I had 534 kanji, so my goal will be 1534.

I also plan to play reading bingo, and to work on reading through three years worth of Harta magazine! I don’t necessarily have to do that amount within the year, that’s just the amount that I currently own.

So I thought I’d make a little study log of my own to keep track of my various projects.

2023 Summary, and 2024 Goals

My 2024 Bingo Home Post

Harta Summary posts!
Issue 75
Issue 76
Issue 77
Issue 78
Issue 79



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Study log entry the first!

First of all, Harta catch-up is going great! I’m really enjoying all the art and stories, and (with my upgraded dictionary) it’s a pretty accessible level. I’ve read two issues now, and I feel really motivated to continue!

Bingo: I got one square, but haven’t done a write-up or updated my board yet. I will get to that … eventually.

Kanji count: 575

This one’s a little depressing. I finished the first two weeks of January alright, but am starting to think that I may have misjudged my stated goal of 20 kanji a week. It seemed quite do-able, just 5 kanji a day 4 days a week, with three days to let them settle in before adding more. (And I’m actually fairly familiar with most of them already!) However, and maybe it’s not actually related, but the brain fog I’m experiencing at the moment suggests that 20 kanji a week is actually a lot for my brain right now.

I might try scaling back to ten new kanji a week and then building up from there.

It could also simply be the time of year. I feel like I still haven’t 100% recovered from the holiday hangover, it’s cold and kind of dark all the time, and I just feel kind of worn out and overworked. So yeah, maybe the solution is just to play a lot of Breath of the Wild on our brand new switch until I’m all fresh and sparkly-eyed again. :joy:


I feel like no matter what the problem is, this is the solution


Reporting to my study log, more fresh and sparkly-eyed than last time! (Yes, I did play a fair amount of Breath of the Wild, though nothing crazy.)

Kanji count: 611

I switched to a more organic approach to adding kanji, and I think it’s helping. Basically, when I have to look it up in Harta I add it to a list, and then if I see that I already added it to that list (or I recognize it as really common, or it seems easy to learn) I add it to another list, and so on for one more list. Then when I’m ready to add kanji I pick from the last list, and usually look up similar kanji to add at the same time. (Like, I added 可 奇 寄 all at the same time.)

I think my brain thrives on Chaos, so this will probably work for me a lot longer than the previous method (add them one by one according to their assigned order in the app).

I posted my review for Harta Issue 77! So far it seems like each issue is taking me around 2 weeks, we’ll see how that changes as I pick up more and more series … I’m still having a lot of fun with it and feeling motivated!


It’s been another almost-two-weeks, and I posted my most recent Harta review! (I’m concerned discord is going to lock me out of my study log because I keep linking that Harta thread and it keeps asking me if I really want to do that? Um, yes?)

Kanji count: 653


0-24% 44
25-49% 150
50-74% 191
75-99% 248
100% 20

My new approach to adding kanji seems to be working, and when there’s a kanji element that’s kind of complicated, adding a bunch of kanji with that element at the same time definitely helps my retention.

General Reading

I have been reading a lot of Harta, and not a lot else … I’m really enjoying Harta, and it’s for sure helping me in my kanji quest, so it’s all good. But basically the only other stuff I’ve read are my “bedtime” series … はなにあらし and 舞妓さんちのまかないさん, mainly. Oh, I have managed to keep up with the beginner book club on WK as well. For one week, lol.

Anyway, I’ll just try to stay flexible! This is my year of binging kanji, so I’ll do whatever it takes!! :slight_smile:


Kanji count: 700


0-24% 44 → 48
25-49% 150 → 138
50-74% 191 → 238
75-99% 248 → 253
100% 20 → 23

I posted my Harta review a little quicker this time (link in the OP if anyone is curious) which is cool. I can definitely see improvement in my reading speed already.

Book Clubs

The beginner book club book (気になってる人が男じゃなかった) on WK is great, so when I fell behind in week 2 it was easy to catch up in week 3.

I caught up with the offshoot 舞妓さんちのまかないさん (on WK) in time for the last chapter of volume 2, and I appear to have dropped ふしぎ駄菓子屋 銭天堂, though not really intentionally. I just never feel like reading prose at the moment. Probably just feeling overloaded by kanji.

Slow and steady wins the race!