Marking a book as "Want to re-read"

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It would be nice if I can set a finished book to “Want to re-read” or just “Want to read”. There might be an option of putting the book back to Wish List, but not sure if it applies here.

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Seems like a good use for tags, no?


I do think this could be solved with tags as mentioned, or even a private user list.

What do you think @brandon ?

My idea is that marking as “Wants to read” would come up in Activity list, even if the book was already read before; so something distinct from a list. Probably not much different if private, though.

Sounds like something that could be included in this one instead then:

Only that not really start reread/rewatch yet, but indeed related.

Well pending the opinion of @brandon, I’d probably merge the request into that one.

Is just a matter of adding the “Plan to reread” before the “Rereading” button.

If you want those to appear in Activity, other solution would be to display adding books to lists in Activity (and make it filterable for those who don’t want to get displayed such activity), and then you can have a Want/Plan to Re-read list.


Seems like this would be making things more complicated just to force stuff into the activity feed. Do people really care if someone plans to reread something? Personally, I’ve just always used tags / custom lists (on AniList) for this kind of thing and it’s worked perfectly fine. And I don’t think it’s worth adding a new requirement to the top requested feature.


I do agree is making it more complicated, but I don’t really know the demand for it.

Probably a good middle ground would displaying activity related to lists if someone really wants to see that kind of activity. I still would like to filter it out most likely.

The only activity related to lists I might be interested in, is I had the ability to follow or heart the ones I personally select.

In any case it’s ultimately up to @brandon.

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Yeah I agree on both counts. I think putting a lot more information in the activity feed with powerful filter options is a good improvement.


Yeah I think this is a good use for tags. I agree with you all that the activity feed isn’t a super important consideration here… and it would get confusing if you had a finished book marked as ‘want to reread’.

Let’s merge or close this one. @Megumin


Since it only has one vote and initially was pitched as something different, let’s proceed to close then so it doesn’t get confusing with the messages.

@polv if you want, you can add the suggestions to the re-read PR thread I linked earlier.