Reread & Rewatch support for books & movies

It would be cool to have the ability to reread books and have those pages count in the stat page.

It would be cool to have this feature for Anime/TV shows as well.

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I agree with this! Approved.


So… if I re-read a book, what happens? Does it wipe out previous stats related to that book? Or just future stats don’t count?

On a related note, I was thinking that it’d be nice if I could create a “custom book” just for tracking purposes (for tracking material that’s not on Natively yet). Maybe re-reading a book could be tracked through a “copy” of the original book?
Title → Title (2nd reading) → Title (3rd reading) → etc

I feel like it should track them seperately - what if I want to compare how quickly I’m going through a book on the second go around?

I like Goodread’s re-read functionality, but I’m not really tracking my language acquisition with that one, so maybe it’s not a 1:1 fit

@brandon Where’s this ask fall in the grand plan? I just reread a manga and I’m sad I can’t record it on Natively. Without reread support the stats page is incomplete. :cry:


I think this probably becomes more important with audiovisual too…

Idk. I’m honestly not even sure how to do it well, so a little perplexed in general.


Separate DB table for “completion dates” where a user can have more than one entry for the same book. :slight_smile:


As a crappy workaround until it’s implemented, you could add the re-read information in as a private note, and tag the book in a custom list, for when it’s implemented, add the information.

It’s a bit of a weird way to do it but yeah.


Yes that is right… but the change back to in progress seems a bit perplexing. I wouldn’t really want to remove that as a ‘read’ book. If I have a separate ‘reread’ status then I have to make sure all the ‘in progress’ interfaces and logic works which is also a pain. Maybe it would just work for the most part and I’m overblowing it, i’m not sure.

I’d be curious to know how others do it, like AniList.


AniList does have a rewatch/reread status, but you may want to do what Bookmeter does instead. I believe a finished book can still be marked as in progress, which doesn’t remove the finished book dates. It’s as if the finished book dates is completely independent from the status.


Together with the other idea of creating custom books, can you treat a “reread” as a new, separate entity? So you have the original book, and then the user can choose whether they want to 1) reset all the data from that book to do a reread, or 2) make a custom reread book, which is a copy of the original, and will get its own set of data, and leave the original book data as is. maybe? :thinking:


Isn’t this just going to lead to duplicate entries in your read list, though? As in, different read dates but same cover/volume number/etc. Feels like it’d start to get crowded and messy really quickly.

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Sure, only if you want to track all those dates. I’m thinking you could probably collapse those copies like we currently collapse series. (How many times are you going to reread a book and track the progress?)

Right, that makes sense. I just am a little worried about it as there is a lot of status dependent logic and state transitions… but nothing immediately comes to mind why it shouldn’t work. I should just try it. Regardless, there is still a little complication wrt the ui for the multiple date management and of course the stat calculations… but those shouldn’t be too bad.

We do have to figure it out, especially I think for video. Video may also have the added complication of subs vs no subs, as I think a common flow is to watch something first with subs and then rewatch with no subs. But perhaps that could be a simple note :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I do think that adds more complication @FredKore, so will probably just keep to separate dates, but good idea!


Just came to me something to take in mind in case this can be implemented along, if/when reread support is added (and I’m guessing now rewatching), it would be nice to be able to tag or add a comment to them.

For example I’m reading a series, then doing a second pass with the audiobook. So that way I could tell apart my records. I can sort of do this with my private note, but feels more of a hack.


Yeah, absolutely. I think that’s important too with audiovisual wrt subs / no subs.

It’s still a little daunting to me to try and tackle this ticket, but with the Data Manager rolled out it’s certainly more doable. Rewatches I feel like are even more common than rereads, increasing the priority here.


It’s funny, because it only seems complicated due to all the data tracking Natively supports. To me it’s as “simple” as tracking additional start and end dates. :joy:

FWIW, I don’t exactly know what @Megumin means by telling apart his “records”, but I don’t think I’d want to see the same entry on my list twice. Bookmeter does include rereads in the Read list, but they don’t have a group by series option. Given the group by series option, I’m not sure how you’d even include rereads on the list. It might be simpler just to have an icon (similar to AniList) for number of rereads completed, and then rely on the data manager to specify the dates (and subs type for videos) of the reread/rewatch. I don’t think it’s really necessary to track more data than that. To clarify, people might still have time read sessions just like the first time they read a book. It just doesn’t seem like that would be different between first read and reread (but tell me if I’m wrong and making bad assumptions).


So, for Books & Movies, you’re right, it’s not hard. TV is where it gets a bit more complicated as you need multiple dates for each tv episode… still probably not that hard. I’m a bit burned out on the data manager though, so dragging my feet about it :slight_smile:

The rest of your UI suggestions I like too. A rewatch icon on the books makes sense, don’t like a separate entry.


The advantadge of separate entries, is for timing purposes.

For example I’ll take a different time for the first read, than the second or if I do the audiobook.
And I’m quite interested in having that data to me.

Graph wise, it could be displayed the different lines in different colors.


So, you’ll still be able to get separate stats, that’s not an issue. I guess I was talking more about a separate entry in the library, like Bookmeter.

There will be a separate entry in the data manager for each read. Probably tabbed at the top, with each tab corresponding to a ‘read’ (a pair of start & end dates).