Mukashi banashi recommendations

Hi, does anyone have Mukashi banashi recommendations? N3-ish

Thank you (=

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Not sure if this will be what you’re looking for but this Folktales for language learners book is a graded or guided reader using Folktales. Natively level says it should be around N3 level but one of the reviews advise it was lower level grammar mostly used.


Thank you, looks good. I don’t normally read with english as well.

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You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: I have seen others speak of other books but I’ve not read any others to know what else to recommend. If I find any others though, I’ll let you know.

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Some of the NPO reader stories are mukashibanashi, but I’m not sure you can buy them individually. I do highly recommend the readers, but once I was to about an N3 level they were starting to get a little stale as reading material.

Here’s their free stories, which I haven’t looked through but you might be able to find something there:

While very not reading material, there’s a kids YouTube channel with mukashibanashi anime that I’ve been slowly making my way through. They’re about 10 minutes each and hard subbed, so you’ll get some reading in (if you can read hiragana that fast; I struggle without kanji :sweat_smile:).


Thank you.

The youtube channel is pretty awesome. (=

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There’s also 福娘童話集 きょうの日本昔話. (They have tales from all over the world on the site, but this link goes specifically to Japanese 昔話.)