Natively Wrapped/Share stats to social media function

I’m trying to read every day this year, so I’ve been using Natively a little differently from last year. Right now, I’m planning on just screenshotting my month’s progress, but thought that a share to social media button could be a cool addition. This would absolutely not be a high-priority thing, but could give Natively some traction if people share their progress to SNS.

Something like:

With a link back to the Natively site. A hashtag would be a cool way to find other Natively users for those of us who are nosy.

In my mind this would be a little Share button under the Quick Stats section on your account page that would create a new tweet. With the way that that works, if you wanted to you could remove any stat you want to keep private, as well as the hashtag if you don’t want to be searchable. If it generated a little graph breaking down reading type or graphic showing the books and days read somehow, that would be even better.

I’ve admittedly only thought about twitter here, not sure about how this could work for other platforms without generating a graph/graphic.

If a streak function got added, as in this product request, then a button allowing someone to share their streak to social media would be cool too.

Trello link: (leave in blank)