No Subs Option?

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Description of your request or bug report: Hello again. So this is a decision that was made for consistency that this site is about only reading Japanese. If that’s the case, ignore this request.

However I started watching Anime with no subtitles a few months ago, but there is no option for just “Watching.” I think there should be a distinction, but again if the aim is to only track reading, then ignore this and I will only add series I watched with subs.

Trello link: (leave in blank)

It’s just hidden a bit right now. Maybe Brandon can improve the visibility of this though.



OH ok, thank you. I have only added Spy x Family which I did in fact watch with JP subs, so I will just deal with it as is for now.


Yeah, if you watch mostly with no subs, you should probably change the default and then just make exceptions for the JP sub shows.


I’m going to close this one as it’s been replied with a solution.

The design discussion can go to the general audiovisual thread in case is considered necessary.