On-site user blogs / language logs

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Several people record their progress in language logs on the forums, but it might be useful to have a feature for users to keep a blog on the main site.

Some thoughts / ideas:

  • different privacy levels (private/friends/public) - perhaps a profile setting as well as the option to change the privacy of individual entries?
  • shows up in activity feed, ability to like, maybe comment?
  • browse page for (public) blogs - browse by language, tag, level, etc
  • ability to tag entries would make it easier to organise & find specific information
  • being able to set a reminder to update your progress every x days/weeks would be useful (via notifications or email)
  • drop-down when creating blog entry to select language (so all entries will be tagged with the right language rather than relying on the user to manually add a language tag)
  • ability to automatically include current stats? for example:
    • all books read / videos watched within a certain time period
    • pages read / minutes watched
    • maybe a literal snapshot of your stats page at the time of writing
  • goal progress
  • linking media in a blog makes the blog show up on the media page (kinda like what AL does with media/forum thread linking)

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