Option to hide book/video from status list

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This request is straight from a feature on AniList. For any book or video we should have the option to hide it from our status lists. This is related to Setting to Make Private Certain Books in my Profile, but is subtly different. The key difference is that this allows us to use custom lists to organize our lists better without having (effectively) duplicates. For example, I want to use custom lists to keep track of where I can watch items on my wish list, but having them also on the Wish List itself is a bit redundant. With this feature I could truly treat Wish List as “things I’d like to watch but currently have no way of watching”.

This feature could fully replace the need for the linked to feature as well, but only if people don’t need to use custom lists for hidden items (to properly keep them hidden). If people still want to use custom lists for hidden items this would have to be a separate feature.

Trello link:

I think this would probably work, but it is a little awkward too. It makes sense for ‘Wish List’ or ‘Owned’ but once a book moves to ‘Reading’ or ‘Finished’, you kinda want them to appear in those lists all the time.

Granted, if the user is confused it’s their own fault… but still just leaves me a little wary since I imagine it’s not a big deal right now.

Let’s put this as speculative, but approved.