Setting to Make Private Certain Books in my Profile

Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I can’t seem to find this request anywhere else.

I would like a per-book setting to make items in my books library private/hidden. I’d like to share my public profile with what I’m reading with friends but there are certain books I’m not comfortable sharing.

I could work around the lack of privacy settings by just making my whole profile private, not tracking books I don’t want to share publicly, or making multiple profiles. However all of these workarounds have drawbacks as I want to be able to contribute to the growth of Natively by sharing my profile with friends and improving discoverability while not being limited to grading/contributing only books that don’t include sensitive subject matters.

Ideally progress updates to private books would be hidden by default from the public feed as well.

…and the same for videos :wink:



Yeah, I think you’d need to hide activities & the items from your public library.

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