Personal list tags instead of custom lists

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I’d like to propose personal list tags as an alternative to custom lists. Right now I have two problems with custom lists:

  1. The entries show up as duplicate entries (in their main list and one or more custom lists)
  2. You can only view one custom list at a time

Instead, I’d like to be able to give items personal tags. These don’t need to be private per se (I don’t feel strongly either way), but would be completely separate from content and genre tags and would not have any influence on the book/video entries themselves or search in any way. On the list, the tags would be displayed on the left side as a checkbox group, allowing you to select one or more (treated as OR, not AND) to filter your list, similar to how it works for book type now.

Trello link:

My guess is this would need to be an extension to

with some sort of private user level tags.

IMHO tags need to be correctly implemented since the beginning or it can be a mess to fix later, but it’s also a complex matter and requires also a lot of back-log processing.

Also, I’d vote but all my votes are gone :melting_face:


Hmm, I see what you’re saying. I’d definitely wait to get tags out first and even some slight custom list alterations and see how we’d feel after all of that. We may find that the content tags cover most of the use-cases you’re imaging for user tags… but perhaps not.

Approved as speculative.

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My main use case would be how I have access to the books/videos. e.g. physical copy versus ebook, Netflix versus personal media, etc. So it will definitely not be covered by content tags. :slight_smile:


Yeah, those kind of tags would be extremely useful.

Right now as a temporary measure I’m keeping a track on the Notes field, but that’s non-filterable which defeats the point.


Fair enough, that makes sense.