Physical Media Megathread

I figured if I was going to pay for shipping and I had a first time user coupon (cdjapan) I may as well get all the volumes out that I hadn’t read… :sweat_smile:


do you prefer reading physically? :thinking:

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I prefer digital in many ways although there is a nostalgia and “unplugging” feeling with physical. Only the first two volumes of this series were available as ebooks, though, so I opted to just buy the paperbacks as they’re the perfect mix of brainless and vocab building (well, if you want medical vocab) :sweat_smile:


:open_mouth: that surprises me… I think I saw the series on audible and assumed if there’s audiobooks there is ebooks. :sweat_smile:


I thought the same thing but I went to buy volume three and there was no ebook :sob:


I think I figured it out, because I was certain there used to be ebooks for all of them. They are re-releasing the books with a couple new short stories and thus, they took the old ebooks off the web and are re-releasing ebooks as the physical ones are being published. And that re-release currently only has 2 volumes out. :sweat_smile:


Here is my collection. I had more than double this, but had to make space so I gave some away to a university japanese club and others to a high school :cry:


Tiny, miniscule haul today (bottom two are JP) before I go to Tokyo in a couple weeks:


This is, I think, everything I bought in the past 3 months and change (minus the books I’ve sold). I had gift cards and birthday money, but also not nearly enough self-control. (Unsurprisingly, I have nearly 300 積読本.)

I should finish arranging my shelves so I can get pictures of them. They’re a mess right now. I’ve got books all over the place.


I got a good deal on a bunch of secondhand novels today. I dont know if any are good though. Any thoughts? :laughing:


I loved both books I’ve read by the author of クライマーズハイ, though I haven’t read that one. On the other side you have 半落ち (same author) which is one of my favorite books. His books tend to be in the high 30s for difficulty.

西村京太郎 I’ve read one book by, it was fast paced but a bit junky. Airport novel type. I enjoyed it.

空中ブランコ was one of the first Japanese books I read. I personally didn’t like it very much, but it was a reasonably popular book I think as an anime was made from it. It’s a lot of cheap humor from what I recall.

木洩れ日に泳ぐ魚 we just finished reading as a Mystery Club pick, feel free to check the old threads.

Other authors I recognize but can’t say anything more than I know them to be associated with a particular genre :person_shrugging: very much a grab bag, have fun! :grin:


I have read 1リットルの涙難病と闘い続ける少女亜也の日記 | L27
it’s heartbreaking. (There’s also a movie.)

and I also have 和菓子のアン on my physical TBR. :smiling_face:


I attained the entirety of ダイヤのA Act I today, I apologize for spamming the feed :sweat_smile:

Update: my Tokyo Otaku Mode order from 3 months ago arrived today too! Luckily w time to spare before the GSNK book club over on WK gets to vol 7, but I took that risk when I decided to order the slow way


Thanks for your reply!
That’s very helpful and I’ll refer back to your reply when I’m ready to start reading them.
I might try 木洩れ日に泳ぐ魚 pretty soon since around 30 is a good level for me.
I want to start 半落ち as soon as I can because it is massively water damaged and I worry about mould. As a librarian I’m very careful about water damage and mould risk.


That sounds good! Thank you. I might try that one as I should be able to manage a level 27 :grin: i’ll be prepared for the sadness though.


To add to what’s been said already, I liked what I’ve read of 江國香織 and 重松清 so far!

The writing in my experience was generally approachable but qualitatively up there. Both are around level 30. 江國香織’s きらきらひかる | L34 was rather… ‘vague’? in her description, leaving much unsaid, with a focus on human relationships and emotions and such. The 2 books by 重松清 I’ve read so far focused on the human factor as well, but were much more straight forward. Possibly a bit easier because of that.


Thank you :smiley: that’s useful, I’ll come back to your reply when I’m ready to start reading :books:

Mandarake & From Japan haul! :heart_eyes: Including some recommendations found on the forum (thank you!) and several BL guides… just because. :rofl:

Don’t have enough shelf space for them, though… :sweat_smile:


Why do I see two 美しい彼’s in the bottom left of the top photo?

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One is the extra booklet :smiling_face: